The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Luby, Kate

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Items with "Luby, Kate" as Credited Author

New York Weekly

Acrostic. To a Young Lady of New Brighton, S. I.
An Adventure with Mexican Banditti
A Brave Wife
Con Muldoon's Funeral
Constancy Rewarded
Dawly's Dinner Party
Dennis McCay's Courtship
The Dutch Painter
Lord Blennerhassett's Bride
Maureen's Vow
The Meeting of the Waters. A True Tale of Ireland
A Mexican Jane Eyre
Ned, Of Com Dhuv
The Origin of Music
Pride, the Vice of Fools
The Rose of Cuba
Shane O'Keeffe's Wedding
Take the Newspaper! A Sketch from Real Life
To G. M. Dutcher, Esq.
Unrequited Love
A Wife's Sacrifice