The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "The Wreck of the Glaucus"

Pseudonym For: Shea, Cornelius

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Items with "Author of "The Wreck of the Glaucus"" as Credited Author

Brave and Bold

84. Dick Danforth's death charm; or, Lost in the South Seas
98. Mystic Island; or, The tale of a hidden treasure
102. Luke Jepson's treachery; or, The dwarfs of the Pacific
104. James Langley & Co.; or, The boy miners of Salt River
109. In the Depths of the Dark Continent; or, the Vengeance of Van Vincent
120. The electric man in the enchanted valley; or, The wonderful adventures of two boy inventors
121. Captain Cyclone, bandit; or, Pursued by an electric man
127. In the Wonderful Land of Hez; or, The Mystery of the Fountain of Youth