The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Gallaher, H. M., Rev.

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Items with "Gallaher, H. M., Rev." as Credited Author

"All-Fools' Day" (1 edition)
Christmas Long Ago, And Christmas Now (1 edition)
Concerning Compensation (1 edition)
Concerning the Blues (1 edition)
A Few Provoking Things (1 edition)
The Glory of Beginning (1 edition)
The Golden Age (2 editions)
The Kindly Consideration Due to All Men (1 edition)
The Kings of Conversation (1 edition)
Letters and Letter-Writers (1 edition)
Merry As A Marriage Bell (1 edition)
Mothers-In-Law (1 edition)
The Murder of the Innocents (1 edition)
"The Blues" (1 edition)
Unconscious Influence (1 edition)
The Uses of Great Men (1 edition)