The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Items with "Stovin, Jennie" as Credited Author

New York Weekly

"A Lady's Letter" From Paris
"A Loving Woman's Question"
"A Penny For Your Thoughts"
"Ah! Why Not Tell Me So?"
Blonde and Brunette
The Bride
Castles in the Air
"Chill Fever"
Christmas Eve
"Christmas Eve"
Dirge for 1875
The Dying Mother To Her Child
The First Baby
The First Love is the Last
The First Snow-Storm
Flirting and Fishing on the Hudson
I Know I Am The Last
Jean Cameron's Christmas
Ladies' Eyes
Laura Vernon's Reflections
Love and Friendship
Love's Answer
Love's Silence
The Lovers' Walk
My Mother's Portrait
New Year's Day
Nurse's Holiday
Old Letters
The Old Man's Reverie
Passing Through the Gateway
Past and Present
A Poor Mother's Song
Rich and Poor
The Rising and Setting Sun
Ruth to Naomi
So Few! So Few!
Sour Grapes
Sunshine and Shadow
The Sweetheart and the Wife. In Two Parts
The Tempting Bait
"The Loving Wife's Song"
"The Rain and Tears"
To An Absent One
True Love Lives On Forever

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1859. Sweetheart and the Wife