The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hopper, Hannah

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Items with "Hopper, Hannah" as Credited Author

Good News

Choosing His Profession

New York Weekly

Anna's Lovers
Aunt Hannah's Boy
Aunty's Wedding "Tower"
A Bachelor's Story
The Blue Hood
The Broken Engagement
Changed in an Hour
Choosing His Profession
A Christmas Revelation
Copying a Photograph
Emelyn's Pledge
Fishing for a Rich Wife
A Freak of Fortune
How Nina was Cured
Janie Browne's Vacation in the Country
Kenneth's Resolve
The Little Old Maid
The Maid's Stratagem
Marcia's Story
The Missing Greenback
The Nettleby Brothers
"No One to Love"
Renting a Pew in Church
The Rival Brothers
Ruth And Her Lover
The Shadow of Distrust
Sister Bessie
The Speedy Reform of a Drunkard
Stealing Grapes
Susie's Awkward Lover
Tempted, and Saved. A New Year's Story
"That Country Boor"
Too Many Smiths
A Trial of Toothache
Violet's Lesson
A White Muslin Dress
Who Shall Win?
A Woman's Heart
A Woman's Life
The Wonderful Brook. A Fairy Story
The Young Artist