The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Marshall, Nelly, 1845-1898

Her name is also written as Nelly Marshall M'afee

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Items with "Marshall, Nelly, 1845-1898" as Credited Author

Abiding (1 edition)
The Boon I Crave (1 edition)
The Castaway (1 edition)
Divided (2 editions)
Forsaken (1 edition)
Hope's Whisper (1 edition)
Lines To A Friend After A Visit (1 edition)
My Dead Darling (1 edition)
One Hundred Years From Now (1 edition)
A Plaint (1 edition)
Questions (1 edition)
Retrospection (1 edition)
Shall We? (1 edition)
To Him Who Will Understand (1 edition)
Wild Birds (1 edition)