The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of the "Claude Duval" series, the "Jonathan Wild" series, and the "Nightshade" series

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Items with "Author of the "Claude Duval" series, the "Jonathan Wild" series, and the "Nightshade" series" as Credited Author

DeWitt's Claude Duval Series

1. Gentleman Jack; or, Life on the road
2. Jack and his bride; or, The highwayman's flight
3. Dare Devil Dick; or, The road and its riders
4. Grace Manning; or, The vengeance of Claude Duval
5. Renegade Gipsy; or, The betrayal of Claude Duval
6. The highwayman's strategem; or, Claude at the scaffold
7. Ride for life; or, Claude in jeopardy
8. Claude's best bullet; or, The price of three lives
9. Black Bess; or, Claude to the rescue
10. Claude in his dungeon; or, Maggs, the traitor
11. Struggle for life; or, The skeleton horseman
12. Claude in a convent; or, The nuns and the highwayman
13. Claude and the abbess; or, A night in a nunnery
14. Duval and the duchess; or, A midnight row in St. James'
15. Claude to the rescue; or, The escape of Duval and the maniac heiress
16. Death to the traitor; or, Claude Duval and the poachers
17. Duval in Newgate; or, The traitor Jew
18. The highwayman's pride; or, The capture of Claude Duval
19. Rosa Bell, the prince's victim; or, Duval in a boarding school
20. Duval in a duel; or, The abduction of Lucy
21. Lucy Thornton; or, Claude in the chateau
22. Claude captured, or, A night in Newgate
23. The cask of gold; or, Claude in the tower
24. Moonlight Jack; or, Claude and his captor
25. Duval denounced; or, The haunted mansion
26. Claude in the Dave; or, The chamber of death
27. Luck, the lurker; or, Duval dares all
28. Duval at bay; or, Claude's career closed

DeWitt's Jonathan Wild Series

1. Jonathan Wild; or, The daring adventures of Paul Clifford
2. Paul Clifford's revenge; or, The fate of Jonathan Wild
3. Wild in limbo; or, The escape of Paul Clifford and the rescue of Dora
4. Clifford in danger; or, The malice of Wild
5. Wild a fugitive; or, Nibbling Joe and the thief-taker
6. Nibbling Joe; or, Dora defended
7. Paul and Dora; or, Jonathan Wild baffled
8. The bleeding phantom; or, Wild in fetters
9. Clifford conquers; or, Dora delivered
10. Wild betrayed; or, Justice avenged
11. Midnight Jack; or, Wild to the halter

DeWitt's Nightshade Series

1. Nightshade; or, Claude Duval, the dashing highwayman
2. Nightshade on the heath; or, Claude and the king
3. Claude and the countess; or, Nightshade near Newgate
4. Hounslow Jack; or, Duval and the dark lantern
5. Claude in the cathedral; or, A night in the vaults
6. The girl on the gibbet; or, Claude saves the captive
7. The highwayman's doom; or, The road and its riders
8. The fatal tree; or, The gibbet bears fruit
9. The last leap; or, The reward of crime