The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Dupuy, Eliza A. (Eliza Ann), 1814-1881

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Items with "Dupuy, Eliza A. (Eliza Ann), 1814-1881" as Credited Author

Aldis Series

412. Was He Guilty?

American Series

376. The Cancelled Will
381. The Gipsy's Warning

Hammock Series

7. The Clandestine Marriage
8. The Discarded Wife
18. The Gipsy's Warning
38. The Hidden Sin
47. The Planter's Daughter
59. Was He Guilty?
89. Who Shall Be Victor. Sequel to The Canceled Will
92. The Cancelled Will
98. The Mysterious Guest

Library of Select Novels

197. Country Neighborhood

New York Weekly

Florida's Perfidy

Southworth Series

5. The Mysterious Guest
18. The Hidden Sin
30. The Gipsy's Warning
42. The Clandestine Marriage
43. The Discarded Wife
53. Michael Rudolph
62. The Cancelled Will
63. Who Shall Be Victor?
76. All for Love
84. A New Way to Win a Fortune
89. Why Did He Wed Her?
94. The Planter's Daughter
116. Was He Guilty?

Items with "Dupuy, Eliza A. (Eliza Ann), 1814-1881" as Credited Contributor

Hammock Series

37. The Dethroned Heiress

Southworth Series

17. The Dethroned Heiress