The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Walworth, Jeannette H., 1837-1918

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Items with "Walworth, Jeannette H., 1837-1918" as Credited Author

Cassell's Rainbow Series

10. Scruples
12. Old Fulkerson's Clerk
25. The Silent Witness

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

3. The Bar Sinister
8. Without Blemish: To-day's Problem
26. Baldy's Point
70. The New Man at Rossmere

Eagle Library

163. A Splendid Egoist
170. A Little Radical
246. True to Herself
297. That Girl from Texas

Fifth Avenue Series

12. A Strange Pilgrimage

Ideal Series of American Copyright Novels

4. A Strange Pilgrimage

Manhattan Series of Popular American Novels

6. A Strange Pilgramage
8. True to Herself

Select Series

52. True to Herself
62. A Strange Pilgrimage