The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hawkeye, Harry, 1850-

Pseudonym For: Lowe, Paul E. (Paul Emilius), 1850-

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Items with "Hawkeye, Harry, 1850-" as Credited Author

Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series)

1. Tracy, the outlaw, king of bandits : a narrative of the thrilling adventures of the most daring and resourceful bandit ever recorded in the criminal annals of the world
2. The Dalton brothers and their gang. Fearsome bandits of Oklahoma and the Southwest
3. Buffalo Bill, king of the scouts. A narrative of thrilling adventure and graphic description of frontier life
4. Rube Burrow, the outlaw : a book of thrilling adventure and desperate deeds, narrating actual facts as obtained from principals and eyewitnesses
7. Cowboys of the Wild West. A graphic portrayal of cowboy life on the boundless plains of the Wild West, with its attending realistic and exciting incidents and adventures