The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hank the Hunter

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Items with "Hank the Hunter" as Credited Author

Good News

The Hunter's Revenge
A Narrow Escape
The Pit I Fell Into

New York Weekly

Bear Against Indian; or, Jerry in a Tight Fix
The Blazing Settlement; or, Martha Hazard's Escape
A Brave Boy; or, Willy and the Panther
Brave Eddy
Chased by Wolves; or, How a Wife was Lost and Won
A Desperate Struggle
A Desperate Struggle; or, How Fort Middleton Was Defended By Women
Devil Jake; or, The Pest of the Settlement
Giving Them "A Turn;" or, How Molly Bates Avenged Her Lover
Hid in a Log; or, How a Woman Cheated the Indians
How the Indians Were Foiled, An Incident of the Minnesota Massacre
The Hunter's Revenge
The Hunter's Ruse; or, The Mysterious Stranger
The Indian Traitress; or, The Mountain of Gold
"Infant"-ry vs. the Indians; or, My Grandmother's Story
The Lone Cabin in the Wilderness
The Massacre of New Ulm
My First Encounter with a Lion. A Narrow Escape
A Narrow Escape
The Pit I Fell Into
Seneca Vengeance; or, The Maiden's Fate
The Wild Man of the Rocks; or, "Dear" Hunting, and What Came of It!
The Young Heroine

Nick Carter Stories

A Narrow Escape

Street & Smith's Literary Album

A frightful encounter with wild hogs