The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - St. George, Harry

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Items with "St. George, Harry" as Author

The Banner Weekly

The Terrible Texan, A Camp-Fire Yarn

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Roaring Ralph Rockwood, the reckless ranger
44. Rattling Rube, or, The night hawks of Kentucky
59. Old Hickory, or, Pandy Ellis's scalp
108. Daring Davy, the young bear killer, or, The trail of the border wolf
166. Hickory Harry, or, The trapper-brigade's spy
172. Thunderbolt Tom, or, The wolf-herder of the Rockies

Beadle's Pocket Novels

86. The hunter Hercules, or, The champion rider of the plains

Border Boys Library

18. Blue Ruin; or, the Reckless Rover

Little Chief Library

90. The Horse-Thief Hunters; or, The Haunted Cabin
96. Silver Tip Sam; or, The Tramp Detective
120. Red Pedro the Guerrilla; or, The Border Lancers

The Saturday Journal

The Terrible Texan, A Camp-Fire Yarn