The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Old Miner, 1850-1917

Pseudonym For: Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917

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Items with "Old Miner, 1850-1917" as Credited Author

Young Klondike

1. Young Klondike; or, Off for the Land of Gold
2. Young Klondike's Claim; or, Nine Golden Nuggets
3. Young Klondike's First Million; or, His Great Strike on El Dorado Creek
4. Young Klondike and the Claim Agents; or, Fighting the Land Sharks of a Dawson City
5. Young Klondike's New Diggings; or, The Great Gold Find on Owl Creek
6. Young Klondike's Chase; or, The Gold Pirates of the Yukon
7. Young Klondike's Golden Island; or, Half a Million in Dust
8. Young Klondike's Seven Strikes; or, The Gold Hunters of High Rock
9. Young Klondike's Journey to Juneau; or, Guarding a Million in Gold
10. Young Klondike's Lucky Camp; or, Working the Unknown's Claim
11. Young Klondike's Lost Million; or, The Mine Wreckers of Gold Creek
12. Young Klondike's Gold Syndicate; or, Breaking the Brokers of Dawson City
13. Young Klondike's Golden Eagle; or, Working a Hidden Mine
14. Young Klondike's Trump Card; or,The Rush to Rocky River
15. Young Klondike's Arctic Trail; or, Lost in a Sea of Ice
16. Young Klondike's New Bonanza; or, The Gold Diggers of French Gulch
17. Young Klondike's Death Trap; or, Lost Underground
18. Young Klondike's Fight for a Claim; or, The Boomers of Raccoon Creek
19. Young Klondike's Deep Sea Diggings; or, Working at the Mouth of the Yukon
20. Young Klondike's Winter Camp; or, Mining Under the Snow
21. Young Klondike's Death Creek Deal; or, Downing the Gold King of Dawson
22. Young Klondike's Mastodon Mine; or, The Biggest Strike of All
23. Young Klondike's Company K; or, Prospecting in an Unknown Land
24. Young Klondike's Big Black Bear; or, Working the "Man in the Moon"
25. Young Klondike's Ice Boat Express; or,The Golden Cave on the Glacier
26. Young Klondike and the Mad Miner; or, Lost in the Great Swamp
27. Young Klondike's Indian Raid; or, The Six Days' Fight on Copper River
28. Young Klondike's Island Mine; or, Prospecting along the Coast
29. Young Klondike and the Yukon Boomers; or, Mining in the Yellow Hills
30. Young Klondike and the Gold Wizard; or, The Man with the Magic Wand
31. Young Klondike's Golden Sea Gull; or, The Bullion That Went Down in the Brown
32. Young Klondike and the Dead Horse Claim; or, Working a Mountain of Gold
33. Young Klondike and the Coffin Ship; or, Chasing the Unknown's Man
34. Young Klondike and the Striking Strikers; or, The Trouble on Claim "33”
35. Young Klondike and the Juneau Bank Robbery; or, The Mystery of the Chilkoot Pass
36. Young Klondike and the Big B; or, The Plotters of White Horse Lake
37. Young Klondike and the Three Millionaires; or, The Deal with Davis, Dewey and Dunn
38. Young Klondike's Tally-Ho; or, Prospecting in the Wind River Range
39. Young Klondike's Ice Witch; or, The Great Flood on the Yukon