The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Carlton, Gerald

Pseudonyms: Author of "Old Broadbrim"; Carlton, Lt.

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Items with "Carlton, Gerald" as Cited Author

Log Cabin Library

21. Cattle Kate; or, A Woman of the Wilds

Old Broadbrim Weekly

5. Old Broadbrim on a perilous quest; or, Running a band of assassins to earth
6. Old Broadbrim chasing bank thieves; or, A brilliant piece of detective work
7. Old Broadbrim on a water-front trail; or, Breaking up a dangerous gang
8. Old Broadbrim on an ocean chase; or, The diamond smuggler's great invention
9. Old Broadbrim solving a railway mystery; or, The millionaire's strange death
10. Old Broadbrim finding the Millville robbers; or, The miser of Great Wallingford
11. Old Broadbrim after the gold-brick swindlers; or, The Blacklock Bunco Gang
12. Old Broadbrim among the thugs of Harlem; or, Landing a big catch
13. Old Broadbrim on a strange abduction case; or, The tramping king of Ireland
14. Old Broadbrim fighting the Western desperadoes; or, Playing the counterfeit game
16. Old Broadbrim on a kidnapping case; or, The search for a young heiress
18. Old Broadbrim up against the grave robbers; or, The tomb hunters of Tavistock
19. Old Broadbrim seeking the man in black; or, Miser Ben's school of crime
26. Old Broadbrim in ticklish places; or, Hunting a banker's assassins
28. Old Broadbrim playing a master stroke; or, The mystery of pier no. 4
36. Old Broadbrim in and out of the toils; or, The pursuit of Red McMahon and his gang
38. Old Broadbrim following up a golden clew; or, The extraordinary happenings at Babbington Manor

Items with "Carlton, Gerald" as Credited Author

The Arm Chair

Eileen Aroon

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

632. The Dead Detective's Double

Border Boys Library

11. Crooks of New York; or, Sharping the Sharpers

Electric Series

502. Her Mad Love

The New York Family Favorite

Queenie's Secret

Ogilvie's Onyx Edition

15. Her Mad Love

Peerless Series

6. Her Mad Love

Saturday Library

73. Tom Byrne; or, The New York Detective's Strategy
74. A Detective League; or, The Man of Mystery. A Thrilling Story of the Dynamite Party
171. Tom Byrne; or, The New York Detective's Strategy
172. A Detective League; or, The Man of Mystery. A Thrilling Story of the Dynamite Party

Sunset Series

9. Her Mad Love