The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Young Glory"

Pseudonym For: Mott, Walter Fenton

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Items with "Author of "Young Glory"" as Credited Author

Young Glory

2. Young Glory on Shore; or, Fighting for the Stars and Stripes
3. Young Glory and the Spanish Cruiser; or, A Brave Fight Against Odds
4. Young Glory in Cuba; or, Helping the Insurgents
5. Young Glory Under Fire; or, Fighting the Spaniards in Cuban Waters
6. Young Glory in Morro Castle; or, Rescuing American Prisoners
7. Young Glory with Gomez; or, Raiding and Scouting in Cuba
8. Young Glory with Commodore Dewey; or, Defeating the Spaniards at Manila
9. Young Glory at San Antonio; or, Brave Work with the Cuban Patriots
10. Young Glory in the Philippine Islands; or, The Capture of Manila
11. Young Glory with Commodore Schley; or, The Spanish Fleet at Santiago
12. Young Glory with Admiral Sampson; or, The Destruction of Spain's Fleet
13. Young Glory with General Shafter; or, Driving the Spaniards from Cuba
14. Young Glory with General Merritt; or, Hard Fighting in the Philippine Islands
15. Young Glory on the Vesuvius; or, The Dynamite Cruiser's Daring Work
16. Young Glory's Gun-Boat; or, Running the Santiago Batteries
17. Young Glory at the Front; or, The Capture of Santiago
18. Young Glory Aboard the Oregon; or, Cervera's Fleet Destroyed
19. Young Glory with Commodore Watson; or, Carrying the War into Spain