The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Meredith, C. Leon

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Items with "Meredith, C. Leon" as Credited Author

Border Boys Library

1. Kit Carson's Leap; or, Riflemen of Russell's Ranch
5. Kit Carson's Pledge; or, the Human Porcupine

Little Chief Library

1. Kit Carson's Grip; or, The Rocky Mountain Pathfinder
4. Dashing Dan; or, The Phantom of the Hills
9. Banger Rolin; or, The Trailers of the Miami
14. The Boy Pathfinder; or, The Thousand-Mile Gauntlet
26. Kit Carson's Best Shot; or, The Mad Man of the Mountains
50. Deerleg, the Scout; or, The Frontier Foes
54. The Rival Redskins; or, The Pawnee Fugitive
80. Old Nat's Nook; or, The Red Whirlwind of Colorado
104. The Giant Outlaw; or, The Ghost of Langling Water
142. Ike, the Tree Walker
149. Old Reins Racket