The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - MacLean, Charles A. (MacLean, Charles Agnew, 1880-1928)

Pseudonyms: Carter, Nicholas; Taylor, Edward C.; Taylor, Ned

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Items with "MacLean, Charles A. (MacLean, Charles Agnew, 1880-1928)" as Cited Author

Nick Carter Weekly

Ted Strong's signal, or, Racing with death

Rough Rider Weekly

1. Ted Strong's Rough Riders; or, The Boys of Black Mountain
2. Ted Strong's Friends; or, The Trial of Ben Tremont
3. Ted Strong's War-Path; or, The Secret of the Red Cliffs
4. Ted Strong's Stratagem; or, Saving a Boy's Honor
5. Ted Strong's Ride for Life; or, Caught in the Circle
6. Ted Strong on the Trail; or, The Cattle Men of Salt Licks
7. Ted Strong in Montana; or, Trouble at Blackfoot Agency
8. Ted Strong's Nerve; or, Wild West Sport at Black Mountain
9. Ted Strong's Rival; or, The Cowboys of Sunset Ranch
10. Ted Strong's Peril; or, Saved by a Girl
11. Ted Strong's Gold Mine; or, The Duel at Rocky Ford
12. Ted Strong's Law-Suit; or, Right against Might
13. Ted Strong's Railway Trip; or, An Unsolved Mystery
14. Ted Strong's Mission; or, Taming a Tenderfoot
16. Ted Strong's Puzzle; or, The Golden Mesa
17. Ted Strong in the Chaparral; or, The Hunt at Las Animas
19. Ted Strong in the Land of Little Rain; or, Bud Morgan's Vengeance
20. Ted Strong's Water Sign; or, In Shoshone Land
21. Ted Strong's Steadiness; or, The Cattle Rustlers of Ceriso
22. Ted Strong's Land Boom; or, The Rush for a Homestead
23. Ted Strong's Indian Trap; or, Matching Craft with Craft
24. Ted Strong's signal, or, Racing with death
25. Ted Strong's Stamp Mill; or, The Woman in Black
26. Ted Strong's Recruit; or, A Hidden Foe
27. Ted Strong's Discovery; or, The Rival Miners
28. Ted Strong's Chase; or, The Young Rough Riders on the Trail
29. Ted Strong's Enemy; or, An Uninvited Guest
30. Ted Strong's Triumph; or, The End of the Contest
31. Ted Strong in Nebraska; or, The Trail to Fremont
32. Ted Strong in Kansas City; or, The Last of the Herd
33. The Young Rough Riders in Missouri; or, In the Hands of His Enemy
34. The Young Rough Riders in St. Louis; or, The League of the Comorra
35. The Young Rough Riders in Indiana; or, The Vengeance of the Comorra
36. The Young Rough Riders in Chicago; or, Bud Morgan's Day Off
37. The Young Rough Riders in Kansas; or, The Trail of the Outlaw
38. The Young Rough Riders in the Rockies; or, A Fight in Midair
39. The Young Rough Rider's Foray; or, The Mad Horse of Raven Hill
40. The Young Rough Rider's Fight to the Death; or, The Mad Hermit of Bear's Hole
41. The Young Rough Rider's Indian Trail; or, Okanaga the Cheyenne
42. The Young Rough Rider's Double; or, Unmasking a Sham
43. The Young Rough Rider's Vendetta; or, The House of the Sorceress
44. The Young Rough Rider in Old Mexico; or, The Haunted Hacienda
45. The Young Rough Rider in California; or, The Owls of San Pablo
46. The Young Rough Rider's Silver Mine; or, The Texas Giant
47. The Young Rough Rider's Wildest Ride; or, Cleaning Out a Whole Town
48. The Young Rough Rider's Girl Guide; or, The Maid of the Mountains
49. The Young Rough Rider's Handicap; or, Fighting the Mormon Kidnappers
50. The Young Rough Rider's Daring Climb; or, The Treasure of Copper Crag

Tip Top Weekly

Ted Strong's signal, or, Racing with death