The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Graydon, William Murray, 1864-1946

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Items with "Graydon, William Murray, 1864-1946" as Credited Author

Adventure Library

96. The Camp in the Snow; or, Besieged by Danger

Atlantic Series (Street & Smith)

5. The Master of Ferndeux
6. In Friendship's Guise

The Chicago Ledger

The Rajah's Tiger
With Tory and Patriot; or, Nathan Stanbury's Mission

Gold Series

7. In Friendship's Guise

Good News

Ben Paget's Christmas
The Camp in the Snow; or, Besieged by Danger
Commodore Frank; or, The Cruise of the Dauntless Canoe Club
Dave Renshaw's Good Fortune
The Defender of Aracena
Exiled to Siberia; or, Vladimir Saradoff's Crime
From Lake to Wilderness; or, The Cruise of the Yolande
How Wattles Was Tested
In Fort and Prison; or, The Mystery of Larry Redmayne
The Mystery of Terry Tinker
A Noble Rescue
Pablo Mariscal
The Rajah of Travancore
The Ransom Bank Robbery
Saving the Mail-Bag
The Slater's Hill Express
The White King of Africa; or, The Mystery of the Ancient Fort

The Half-Holiday

Red rose, and white : relating the experience of Ralph Mortimer, son of a knightly house, during the stirring times of Richard the Third, of England

Leather-Clad Tales

35. The Rajah's Fortress

Medal Library

36. In barracks and wigwam
182. The Camp in the Snow; or, Besieged by Danger

Nick Carter Weekly

Pablo Mariscal

Tip Top Weekly

Dave Renshaw's Good Fortune
A Noble Rescue