The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kennon, Beverley

Pseudonym For: Burton, Frederick R. (Frederick Russell), 1861-1909; Lewis, Enrique H., 1863-; Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929; Tracy, J. Perkins (James Perkins), 1853-1915; Windolph, J. F.

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Items with "Kennon, Beverley" as Credited Author

Red, White and Blue Library

1. Phil & Ralph; or, The Secret of the Mountain Cave
2. Trooper Phil; or, The Aventures of a Young Recruit
3. Ralph's First Service; or, The Struggle for the Fleet
4. Phil's Secret Commission; or, The Adventure at the Old Stone House
5. Ralph Afloat; or, Fun and Adventures in the Navy
6. Trooper Phil's Pluck; or, The Desperate Ride for Life
7. Ralph in Action; or, 'Tween Decks on the Merrimac
8. Phil at Bull Run; or, The Charge of the Fire Zouaves
9. Ralph Ashore; or, The Frolics and Adventures of a Middy
10. Trooper Phil's Peril; or, Within the Enemy's Lines
11. Ralph on Secret Service
12. Phil on Guard; or, The Post of Honor
13. Ralph in the Submarine Corps
14. Trooper Phil's Furlough; or, A Hero in Spite of Himself
15. Ralph's First Command; or, The Cruise of the Destroyer
16. Phil in Camp; or, Merry Pranks by Boys in Blue
17. Ralph on a Blockade Runner
18. Trooper Phil in Prison; or, Held by the Enemy
19. Ralph's Derelict Prize
20. Phil at Bay; or, True Yankee Grit
21. Ralph on the Alabama; or, Fighting a Mutiny
22. Ralph's Triumph; or, Winning Against Odds
23. Trooper Phil's Ruse; or, With Grant in Tennessee
24. Phil's Daring Feat; or, The Mystery of a Disguise
25. Ralph's Special Detail; or, Pranks on a Training Ship
26. Trooper Phil's Exploits; or, The Mystery of the Recruiting Office
27. Ralph's Land Cruise; or, Shipmates Ashore
28. Phil in the Balloon Corps; or, A Fight Above the Clouds
29. Ralph on Leave; or, The Defense of Valley Ford
30. Trooper Phil's Raid; or, The Struggle at Blue Grass Ridge
31. Ralph's Perilous Mission; or, Detailed for Dangerous Duty
32. Phil's Desperate Duel; or, Sword Against Sword
33. Ralph in a Naval Battle; or, The Rival Warships
34. Trooper Phil's Capture; or, Seizing a Powder Train
35. Ralph's Promotion; or, In Command of an Enemy's Ironclad
36. Phil Under Fire; or, Before the Enemy's Guns
37. Ralph in an Ocean Chase; or, The Battle of the Monitors
38. Trooper Phil's Life Guard; or, A Traitor's Plot
39. A Bold Stroke at Sea; or, Ralph's Free Privateer
40. The Girl Spy of Richmond; or, Phil's Mysterious Comrade
41. Ralph Under His Own Flag; or, The Brigantine's Peril
42. Trooper Phil's Trial; or, The Test of Courage
43. In Defense of the Flag; or, Ralph's Desperate Struggle
44. Capturing the Enemy; or, Phil's Daring Sortie
45. Peril in Port; or, Ralph's Important Prize
46. An Enemy to the Rescue; or, Trooper Phil's Narrow Escape
47. Ralph to the Rescue; or, The Free Star's Daring Cruise
48. Trooper Phil's Risk; or, From Defeat to Victory
49. Ralph's Invasion; or, Carrying the War into the Enemies' Country
50. Phil on Special Duty; or, Fun and Mystery in Camp
51. Taken as a Prize; or, Ralph's First Fight for the Free Star
52. Trooper Phil at the Capitol; or, A Promotion Well Earned
53. Ralph's Flight from Governor's Island; or, A Friend in the Enemy's Camp
54. Phil's Good Judgment; or, The Right Way Out of Danger
55. A Refuge at Sea; or, Ralph's Salvage of a Union Gunboat
56. Phil on Dangerous Duty; or, A Commission to Rescue the Powder Room
57. The Reward of Valor; or, Phil's Strife with a Secret Foe
58. Phil's Desperate Fix; or, Within an Inch of His Life
59. Ralph's Night Raid; or, Capturing a Hostage