The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Upham, Louise S.

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Sometimes written as "Louis"

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Items with "Upham, Louise S." as Credited Author

Beadle's Dime Speakers

I Have Drank My Last Glass

New York Weekly

Around the Christmas Fire
The Beggar-Child
Beware the First Glass
Bridget Maloney's Valentine
Broken Idols
The Corner-Stone of the Mansion
The Dairy-Maid's Courtship
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Give Thanks
Grandfather's Birthday
Hidden Pearls
It Cannot Be Always Winter
"Love Thy Neighbor"
The Maiden of Spring
Mother Makes the House a Home
A Mother's Good-Night Kiss
"Mothers Whose Children Are Sleeping"
Ne'er Forget Youth's Wedding-Day
No Baby in the House
Our Children
The Picture of my Mother
Quaker Courtship
Remember the Poor
The Royal Road to the Heart
A Strike for Right Living
"Wedded, Yet No Wife"
What Were Home Without The Children?