The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kenneth, Esther Serle

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Items with "Kenneth, Esther Serle" as Credited Author

Bert's Gloves (1 edition)
Blackbird Hill (2 editions)
The Driver's Story (1 edition)
Gran Darrah's Gratitude. A Love Story (1 edition)
Hated to Death (1 edition)
His Christmas Gift (1 edition)
Layola (1 edition)
A Life for a Life (1 edition)
The Mild-Eyed Woman. Crippled Joe's Story (1 edition)
Muriel River's Love (1 edition)
Scarlet and White (1 edition)
A Scarlet Ribbon (1 edition)
Story of Violet Grey's Love (1 edition)
Sweet Peas (1 edition)