The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881

Pseudonym: "Old Un"

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Pseudonym: The Old 'Un

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Items with "Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881" as Cited Author

Nugget Library

45. The Great Michel Mystery

Items with "Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881" as Credited Author

The Bijou Series

67. The Heir of Glenville

The Chicago Ledger

An Affair of Honor

Far and Near Series

13. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

Fifth Avenue Series

8. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

48. The Phantom of the Sea; or, The Red Cross and the Crescent
52. Hugh Capet; or, The Crown and the Sword

Good News

The Demon of the Deep

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

13. The Heir of Glenville

Log Cabin Library

62. Ramon, the Bull Fighter; or, The Victim of Fate
118. DuBarry's Revenge
178. Hunted Down; or, On the Trail for Forty Years

New York Weekly

About Rats
Abraham Lansing
Adolphe Thiers, Ex-President of the French Republic
An Affair of Honor; or, The Legacy of Hate
Another Monarch Gone
The Bandit Chief
The Betrayer
The Brother's Secret; or, The Beautiful Schemer
The Buccaneer's Treasure
Captain Eric's Bride
Captain Marius Surmont
Carlotta, Ex-Empress of Mexico
Carmeline; or, The Convict's Bride. A Romance of England and Australia. Founded on Fact
Charles Sprague, the Banker Poet
Charlotte Corday, the French Heroine
Charlotte Cushman, the American Actress
A Cheap Sleigh Ride
Conrad, the Convict; or, The Brand of Crime
A Corsican Vendetta
The Dark Side of Paris
Darrel, the Daring; or, The Boy of the Wreck. A Wonderous Tale of Sea and Shore
Death and Life
The Doctor's Story. Translated from the French of Hippolyte Rion
The Double Crime; or, The Mysteries of Moorland Farm
Dramatic Curiosities
The Emperor of Russia
The Evil Eye: A Souvenir of Venice
The Fairy Bottines. A Legend of the Splendide Hotel
False to Honor; or, The Beautiful Unknown
A Father's Revenge
A Fight in the Mountains: A Leaf from History
Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime
For A Sister's Honor
Frederick Lemaitre
A Friend's Dark Secret
George Sand
The Great Mogul Diamond
Harriet Martineau
Henri Rochefort
His Lawful Wife; or, Paul Aubrey's Secret
How To Catch Trout
Hunted Forty Years. A Romance of Reality
Ida's Hidden Sin
Impressions of European Travel
In Memoriam of Robert J. Duff: An Impromptu
The Jeweler of Frankfort
Joseph Mazzini
Life in Paris
Lines Written At Sea
The Little Old Man of the Batignolles
A Lost Life; or, Paris and New York
A Lucky Old Deacon
Lured To His Ruin; or, The Beautiful Betrayer
Madame Octavia Walton Le Vert
The Maid of Orleans
The Man in Gray: A Simple and True Story
A Model Patriot
Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis
The Murdered Czarovitch. A Page of Russian History
My Friend, the Count (A Sketch from Life)
A Mystery of Paris: Lost in the Catacombs
The Nameless Architect. A Legend of the Rhine
Napoleon III
A Night in Venice
The Night-Hawks of Paris
The Night-Owls' Tower
Only A Seamstress
An Open Letter to Ned Buntline. Written on his little Irene's birthday
Paris Gossp with the Readers of the New York Weekly
Pauline Virginia Dejazet
A Personal Reminiscence. In Search of a Battle
Pictures of Paris: Palace of the Tuileries
Pictures of Paris: The Cathedral of Notre Dame
Pictures of Paris: The Champ De Mars
Pictures of Paris: The Hotel De Ville
Pictures of Paris: The Hotel Des Invalides
Pictures of Paris: The Louvre
Pictures of Paris: The Luxemburg
Pictures of Paris: The Palais Royal
Pictures of Paris: The Underground City
Pictures of Paris: The Vendome Column, And the Column of July
The Princess Alexandra; or, The Key of Iron
A Queen Without A Crown
Ramon, the Outlaw; or, The Victim of Fate
Recollections of St. Cloud
The Sabbath-Day at Sea
A Sad Secret
Santa Anna
The Secret of Villa Rosa
Sexton's Daughter
A Sister of Charity
The Skipper's Yarn*
Stabbed in the Back. An Episode of the Carnival
The Stolen Armor: From the French of Alex. Dumas, Jr.
A Story of the Empire
A Story of the Sea. The Demon of the Deep
A Story-Teller's Secret
The Sweets of Office
To A Dear Young Friend, On his Receiving the Cross of the Legion of Honor
To My Dear Niece, Mrs. Rosa B. Hunt
True as Steel
The Two Avengers; or, The Masked Robber of the Death Ranch
Two Hopeless Hearts
A Victim of Circumstances; or, The Rich Man's Secret
"Vorwaerts! Immer Vorwaerts!" (On! Still On!)
The Vultures of Strasburg; or, The Robbers of the Dead. A Romance of the Franco-Prussian War
War and Women
Was It Murder?
A Wasted Life; or, The Night-Hawks of Trimount

Nugget Library

12. Mechinet, The French Detective; or, The Little Old Man of the Batignolles
33. The Two Avengers; or, The Masked Robber of the Death Ranch
95. Darrell, the Daring. A Wonderous Tale of Sea and Shore

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Bride of Moscow
The Fugitive's Secret
The Polish Slave
The Secret Marriage

Select Series

26. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

Ten Cent Novelettes

33. The Fatal Casket; or, The Poisoners of Paris. A Romance of the Times of Louis 14th
56. The Crystal
57. The Mysteries of Venice
65. The Bride of Paris. A Romance of the French Revolution and the Days of Napoleon the Great
66. The Hero of Toulon. Sequel to "The Bride of Paris"

Traymore Series

14. Fontelroy

Wellesley Series

59. The Heir of Glenville

Items with "Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881" as Credited Translator

New York Weekly

Abd-El-Kader and Napoleon III
Andreas Hofer
The Hussar and his Horse
The Mutineers. An Ocean Tragedy: From the Journal of a French Naval Officer
My Uncle, The Bandit. Translated from the French of H. Maxance
A Night in San Francisco: Translated from the French of X. Marmier
Oh, Why are the Roses so Pale?
The Siege of Berlin: Translated from the French of Alphonse Daudet
Thou Lovely Fishermaiden. Translated from the German of Heinrich Heine
The Tribute To George Sand