The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881

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Items with "Durivage, Francis A. (Francis Alexander), 1814-1881" as Credited Author

The Bijou Series

67. The Heir of Glenville

The Chicago Ledger

An Affair of Honor

Far and Near Series

13. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

Fifth Avenue Series

8. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

48. The Phantom of the Sea; or, The Red Cross and the Crescent
52. Hugh Capet; or, The Crown and the Sword

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

13. The Heir of Glenville

Log Cabin Library

62. Ramon, the Bull Fighter; or, The Victim of Fate
118. DuBarry's Revenge
178. Hunted Down; or, On the Trail for Forty Years

New York Weekly

Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

The Bride of Moscow
The Fugitive's Secret
The Polish Slave
The Secret Marriage

Select Series

26. Fontelroy; or, The Web of Crime