The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Caldor, M. T.

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Items with "Caldor, M. T." as Credited Author

The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)

Countess Clarice

The Bijou Series

64. The Wizard of Grenada
72. The Mill-Girl of Tyorl

Gleason's Pictorial Novelettes

1. The Forcellini Rubies; or, The Crystal Model. A Tale of Venice
29. Konrad's Mission; or, The Mountain Cabin
39. Life From Death; or, Miss Arlingcourt's Will

Good News

Len Morrell's Heroism; or, In Defense of the Innocents
A Live Hero

Idle Hour Series (Lupton)

10. The Wizard of Grenada
18. The Mill-Girl of Tyorl

Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series

3. Captain Alick's legacy
120. The evil genius
126. The island prisoner
131. The Forcellini Rubies
132. The California cabin
181. The Wizard of Grenada
183. The red cross
197. Hesperia
226. The mill girl of Tyrol
234. The island home
241. The gray falcon
271. Simon Derrick's daughter
282. Olympia

New York Weekly

Aunt Priscilla's Aversion
Christmas Among the Montagues and Capulets
Exorcised at Christmas; or, The Fitz Gerald Skeleton
An Innocent Thief
A Live Hero

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

An Alpine Romance
The Castle Ghost
Countess Clarice
A Cross and the Letter O
The Fairy Treasure
Her Grandmother's Brocade
Hermione: A Story of Navarino
Imogene's sacrifice
Inglewood Manor
Jasmine; or, The serpent ring
The Ladies Dalrymple
Lady Inez
The missing diamonds
The Missing Package; or, the Feud of Fenwicke Fen
The Mountain Princess
Narweeje; or, The Pink and Silver Brocade
Oakenshaw; or, The Test of Heirs
Olympia; or The Exiles of Siberia
The Rose of the Bosphorus
The Silver Casket
The Thorpe Pride
Witherton Ridge