The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Marlitt, E. (Eugenie), 1825-1887

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Items with "Marlitt, E. (Eugenie), 1825-1887" as Credited Author

The Bailiff's Maid (5 editions)
A Brave Woman (1 edition)
The Countess Gisela (4 editions)
Gold Elsie (9 editions)
In the Counsellor's House (3 editions)
In the Schillingscourt (5 editions)
The Lady with the Rubies (5 editions)
Love and Death (1 edition)
The Old Ma'm'selle's Secret (16 editions)
The Old Maid's Secret. In German (1 edition)
The Owl's Nest (4 editions)
The Owl-House (3 editions)
Princess of the Moor (1 edition)
The Princess of the Moor (5 editions)
The Second Wife (7 editions)