The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Matthews, Stanley R.

Pseudonym For: Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933

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Items with "Matthews, Stanley R." as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.


Motor Matt's Mission; or, The Taxicab Tangle


Motor Matt in Brazil; or, Under the Amazon
Motor Matt Makes Good; or, Another Victory for the Motor Boys
Motor Matt on the Wing; or, Flying for Fame and Fortune
Motor Matt's Air Ship; or, The Rival Inventors
Motor Matt's Century Run; or, The Governor's Courier
Motor Matt's Close Call; or, The Snare of Don Carlos
Motor Matt's Clue; or, The Phantom Auto
Motor Matt's Daring Rescue; or, The Strange Case of Helen Brady
Motor Matt's Daring; or, True to His Friends
Motor Matt's Defiance; or, Around the Horn
Motor Matt's Double Trouble; or, The Last of the Hoodoo
Motor Matt's Enemies; or, A Struggle for the Right
Motor Matt's Engagement; or, On the Road with a Show
Motor Matt's Hard Luck; or, The Balloon House Plot
Motor Matt's Launch; or, A Friend in Need
Motor Matt's Make Up; or, Playing a New Role
Motor Matt's Make-and-Break; or, Advancing the Spark of Friendship
Motor Matt's Mandarin; or, Turning a Trick for Tsan Ti
Motor Matt's Mariner; or, Filling the Bill for Bunce
Motor Matt's Mystery; or, Foiling a Secret Plot
Motor Matt's Peril; or, Cast Away in the Bahamas
Motor Matt's Prize; or, The Pluck That Wins
Motor Matt's Promise; or, The Wreck of the Hawk
Motor Matt's Queer Find; or, The Secret of the Iron Chest
Motor Matt's Quest; or, Three Chums in Strange Waters
Motor Matt's Race; or, The Last Flight of the Comet
Motor Matt's Red Flier; or, On the High Gear
Motor Matt's Reverse; or, Caught in a Losing Cause
Motor Matt's Short Circuit; or, The Mahout's Vow
Motor Matt's Submarine; or, The Strange Cruise of the Grampus
Motor Matt's Triumph; or, Three Speeds Forward
Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel