The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Aimard, Gustave, 1818-1883

Pseudonym: Gloux, Olivier

Name and pseudonym information derived from "The Authors and Their Novels" in Albert Johannsen's House of Beadle & Adams.

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Items with "Aimard, Gustave, 1818-1883" as Author

Adventure Series (Max Stein)

21. The Smuggler Hero
22. The Trappers of Arkansas
23. The Buccaneer Chief
24. The Treasure of Pearls

American Series

56. The Frontiersman

The Bijou Series

46. The Frontiersman

Indian Series

1. The Guide of the Desert
2. The Bloody Train
3. The Insurgent Chief
4. The Battle of the Bandits
5. The Flying Horseman
6. A Double Duck; or, Fighting the Redskins

Lucky Series

23. The Adventurers
24. The Pearl of the Andes
25. The Trail-Hunter: A Tale of the Far West
26. The Pirates of the Prairie
27. The Trapper's Daughter
28. The Tiger-Slayer: A Tale of the Indian Desert
29. The Gold Seekers
30. The Indian Chief: A Tale of the Desert
31. The Red Track: A Story of Social Life in Mexico
32. The Guide of the Desert
33. The Insurgent Chief
34. The Flying Horseman
35. The Border Rifles
36. The Freebooters
37. The White Scalpers
38. The Missouri Outlaws
39. The Prairie Flower
40. The Indian Scout
41. The Bee-Hunter
42. Stoneheart
43. The Rebel Chief
44. The Last of the Aucas
45. The Buccaneer Chief
46. The Queen of the Savannah
47. The Red River Half-Breed
48. The Treasure of Pearls
49. The Trappers of Arkansas
50. The Smuggler Hero
51. Stronghand