The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Goullaud, Louis P.

86 Tremont street, Boston, Massachusetts

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Items with "Goullaud, Louis P." as Credited Author

Barcarolle (1 edition)
Bright Rays of Early Morning (1 edition)
Come, Merry Birds, in Winter (1 edition)
Dear Old Friends (1 edition)
I'm A Pedagogue (1 edition)
I'm in Love (1 edition)
Jane Melissa (1 edition)
Maria Jane (1 edition)
Oh, George! (1 edition)
Old Simon, the Hot Corn Man (1 edition)
"Once Upon a Time" (1 edition)
Sweet Aleen (1 edition)
Till the Roses Wake Again (1 edition)
Two Bad Men (1 edition)
What is this Emotion? (1 edition)