The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - S. Brainard & Son (Publisher)

203 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio

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Items with "S. Brainard & Son (Publisher)" as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

Ada, With the Golden Hair
American Vocal Medley
Colleen Avarra
Eileen Mavrone
Grease the Griddle, Birdie, Darling
Hold the Fort
The Household Clock
I Know You'll be True to me, Robin
The Little Ones at Home
The Midnight Bugle
My Little Wife Ashore
No Letter Yet For Me
The Pride of Killarny
Still I Love Thee
We All Are Growing Old
When the Blossoms are White in the Orchard
Write to Me Often, Darling