The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Oliver Ditson & Co. (Publisher)

451 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts

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Items with "Oliver Ditson & Co. (Publisher)" as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

Baby Mine; or, The Sailor's Wife
Balm of Gilead
The Bell Goes a-Ringing for Sai-rah
The Black Hussars
Bobbin' Around
Broadway Promenade
Brown Eyes Has that Little Maiden
A Chushla Gal Mochree
Come to Me Quickly, My Darling
Come Where the Moonbeams Linger
Dancing in the Dreamy Waltz
Dandy Barber Joe
Dandy Pat
Dat's der Kind of Mans I Am
The Diamond Ring
Dot Leedle Sofa
Down the Shadowed Lane She Goes
Dreaming and Drifting
Dutch Onion Vender
Eily Darling
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
The Gay Side of Life
The Grave of Bonaparte
Harp of the Wild Wind
Haunting Eyes
Her Front Name is "Hannar"
I Am Waiting, Essie Dear
I Wouldn't If I Could
I'll Remember You in my Prayers
I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died
Is That Mother Bending O'er Me?
Jockey Hat and Feather
Katie Lee and Willie Gray
Like a Turk!
Lilly Dale
Little Green Vail
Little More Cider
Married Soon We'll Be
Minnie Clyde
The Minute Gun at Sea
Mother, Dear, I'm Thinking of You
Must We then Meet as Strangers?
My Father Sould Charcoal
My Sweet Polywog
Nobody's Darling but Mine
Oh, Merry Hours!
Oh, See Dat Angel Band
Only Speak Kindly to Me
Poor Child of the Drunkard
Pretty as a Picture
Pull Down The Blind
Rhine Vine Sharley
Robinson Crusoe
The Rollicking Old Man
The Rollicking Rams
Rose of Killarney
Silver Moonlight Sea
The Snow Storm
Soda Water
Sparking in the Winter
"Sparkling Piper Heidsieck"
St. Patrick's Day
The Style in Which it's Done
Susan Jane
Sweet By and By
Sweet the Song of Birds
Take this Letter to My Mother
The Tar's Farewell
Tassels on the Boots
There is no Harm in Kissing
Waiting for Papa
Wearing of the Green
Wearing the Blue
What is Home Without a Sister?
When the Band Begins to Play
When the Milk Goes Around
Why Chime the Bells so Merrily?
Winking at Me
You Get More Like Your Dad Every Day
The Young Widow

Beadle's One Cent Song Books

Dandy Barber Joe
My Father Sould Charcoal
The Rollicking Old Man