The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - H. M. Higgins (Publisher)

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Items with "H. M. Higgins (Publisher)" as Credited Author

I'm Thinking, John, of That Sweet Time (1 edition)
Idaho (2 editions)
Lorena (2 editions)
Merry Marriage Bells (1 edition)
My Pretty Quadroon (2 editions)
My Trundle Bed (1 edition)
One by One They Crossed the River (2 editions)
Paddle Your Own Canoe (2 editions)
Paul Vane (2 editions)
Putting on Airs (2 editions)
The Rain on the Roof (2 editions)
Some One is Waiting for Me! (1 edition)
Song of a Bachelor (1 edition)
Strictly Confidential (1 edition)
Will You Love Me Then, Darling? (1 edition)
Zula Zong (2 editions)