The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - C.H. Ditson & Co.

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843 Broadway, New York, New York

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Items with "C.H. Ditson & Co." as Credited Author

Beadle's Dime Song Books

The Afternoon We Met
Annie's Winning Smile
Barney, Say You'll Not Forget Me
Be Sure You're Right, then go Ahead
The Bell Goes a-Ringing for Sai-rah
Billy's Request
Blinks, "of the Staff"
Bonny Bess
The Celebrated Sneezing Song
Centennial Bells
Chook! Chook! Chook!
Dandy Pat
The Danish Boy's Whistle
Did He but Know
Don't put your Foot on a Man when's Down
Don't Treat a Man Disdainfully
Duet of the Two Men-at-Arms
Dutch Onion Vender
The Funny Man
The Gay Side of Life
The Gipsy Queen
Going It Blind
Graduate's Song
Have You Seen my Nellie?
He's Such a Bashful Boy
He's Such a Lovely Waltzer!
Hoop La! Where Are We Now!
Horse Fly, Come Tickle Me!
How Stupid Some Men Are
Humpty Dumpty Joe
A Hundred Years Ago
I Can't Make Up My Mind
I Love a Little Damsel
I Wouldn't If I Could
I'll Surely Call Dada
I'm a Paddy Whack, Just Landed
I'm the Chap that's Nobby
In One Ear and Out of the Other
The Increase of Crime
The Irish Sojer Boy
Jessie was a Pretty Girl
Jim, the Carter Lad
Keep a Stiff Upper Lip
Kitty and Ben
The Knott Family
The Ladies
A Little After Eight
Lost in the Fire
The Maidens of Jersey
The Man o' Airlie
Married Soon We'll Be
Merry Land of Childhood
The Mississippi Twins
Mollie Adair
No I Thank You, Sir
The Nobbiest One at Last
Off Like a Rocket
Oh! Kiss Me Again
L. s. d., or; Oh, Wouldn't You Like to Know
One O'Leary's Cow
Only Asleep
Out in the Cold
Over the Bars
Par Excellence
Pat McCann
The Pet of the Girls am I
Philosophic Sam
Poor Child of the Drunkard
"Pull Slow And Steady, Boys"
Push Along
Racketty Jack
Rhine Vine Sharley
Robinson Crusoe
Shall I Ever Get Married?
Shan't I be Glad when Sally Comes Home
Silvery Bells
Single Gentlemen, "How do you do?"
Six O'Clock P. M.
Soda Water
Song of "1876"
The Song of a Clerk
Sparking in the Winter
Still I am not Happy
The Style in Which it's Done
There is no More Night than Day
Toddling Through the Lanciers
A Tragedy in Tenth Avenue
Triumphantly the Morning Dawned
Twilight in the Park
Two Little Shoes
Waiting for Papa
Walk Off, Big Shoes
What Josie Said
What Mollie Said
When the Band Begins to Play
When the Clock Strikes Five
When the Milk Goes Around
When We Grow Old
When We Met on the Sly
While There's Life There's Hope
The Wickedest Man in New York
Widow Mavrone
The Yaller Gal that Winked at Me
Ye Dinna Understand
A Year Ago To-Night
Yes, or No?

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

Awfully Awful
Come Sit by My Side, Little Darling
Jack's Yarn
Limburger Sheese
She's A Gal O' Mine
Take it, Bob
Vive La Bacchanal
A Warrior Bold