The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Harding, E. H.

229 Bowery, New York, New York

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Items with "Harding, E. H." as Credited Author

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

'Twas Like A Spirit's Sigh
'Twas Rank and Fame that Tempted Thee
Afloat on the Ocean
The Agony Column; or, Little Di
"Ain't You Awful"
As I Sat by My Hearth
Autumn Leaves
Awfully Fly!
Bathing in the Surf
Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead!
Bear It Like A Man
Behind the Scenes
The Belle of Pleasure Bay
The Belle of Rockaway
The Belle of the Avenue
The Big Bonanza
"Billiards and Pool"
Billy Johnson's Ball
A Bit Of My Mind
Bitter and Mild
Bitter Beer
Blue-Eyed Violets
The Brooklyn Fire!
The Buckles on Her Shoes!
Call Her Back and Kiss Her
Call Me Your Darling Again!
The Candidate for Alderman
Captain Cuff
Casey's Whisky
Clear the Way
"Come Back to Erin"
Coming Home from the Ball
The Convivial Man
Cool "Burgundy Ben"
Crooked Whisky!
Darby M'guire
Dat Gay Old Nigger Ball
The Dear Little Shamrock
Do a Good Turn When You Can
Don't Give Up The Ship!
Don't Let the Roses Listen
Don't Make a Noise or Else You'll Wake the Baby
Don't Marry Your Mother-in-law
Don't You Dare to Kiss Me, Joe!
The Donegan Light Guard
Down by the Old Mill Stream
A Dream of Love
The Drunkard's Raggit Wean!
Evening Song to the Virgin, at Sea
Farewell, Kathleen!
Fat Mickey!
"Fifth Avenue George"
Fill the Cup, All Jolly Fellows
Five O'clock in the Morning
The Five-Cent Shave
"Free and Easy"
"From Madison to Union Square"
The Gallant Brigade!
George Constantine McKeown
Get Your Head Above the Crowd!
The Girl on the Wire
Give Me a Grip of Your Hand
Give Me the Girl that is Tender and True!
Give Over, John
The Goat
The Good Cigar
The Harp and Sword of Erin
The Hat My Father Wore
The Haunted Stream
He Isn't A Marrying Man!
He's Such a Lovely Waltzer!
The Heart to Love
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
The Hero of the Ring!
Hip, Hurrah! Hip, Hurrah!
The Hoolahan Musketeers!
"I Cannot Sing the Old Songs"
I Care Not How Fortune May Vary
I Hold the Winning Hand
I Knew That I Was Dreaming
I Know When I've Enough!
I Never Refuse
I Put My Arm Around Her Waist; or, The Pretty Ballet Girl
I Really Don't Think I Shall Marry
I'll Be a Rambler No More
I'll Meet You in the Park
I'll Meet You on Broadway
I'm Dancing Mad
I'm Leaving Thee, My Mother Dear
I'm Looking At You Now
I'm the Boy that's Bound to Blaze!
I'm the Governor's Only Son
"I'm What You Call A Military Man!"
I've Only Been Down to the Club
The Irish Regiment
Isn't He A Darling?
It's Funny When You Feel that Way
It's Just What I Might Have Expected
Jennie is Waiting for Me
Jeremiah, Blow the Fire
Jim, the Carter Lad
"John Barleycorn is a Hero Bold"
Johnny Morgan
Judge not a Man by his Clothing
Juliana Jones
Kicking a Man When He's Down
The King of the Trumps
The King's Highway
Kiss Me Again
The Land of Dreams
The Land of St. Patrick Forever
Leaning on a Balcony
Lend a Helping Hand
Let the Girls Alone
Life is Like a Game of See-Saw
Little Cherry Blossom
Little Diamond Dewdrop
Little Mary Ann
Little Mollie Brown
The Little Ones Asleep
"Look Always on the Sunny Side"
Look Before Leaping
Look Out For Stormy Wedder!
Louis Renouf
The Man in the Moon is Looking, Love
The March of the Cameron Men
Marriage Bells
May the Best Man Win!
Merit Commands Success
The Merriest Girl That's Out
A Merry-go-Round; or, Gay as a Lark
Miss Malony's Ball
Mollie Brady
Mother I Have Heard Sweet Music
The Mother's Prayer
A Motto for Every Man
Mulcahy's Home Again
Muldoon, the Solid Man
My Dark-Eyed Southern Queen
My Dearest Heart!
My Fan
My Love is Still the Same
My Own, My Guiding Star
My Pretty Yorkshire Lass
My Rattling Mare and I!
My Son Charley
Nancy Lee
Never Desert a Friend
Never Push a Man Because he's Going Down the Hill
Never Venture, Never Win!
The Night Wind Sighs Alone
No Smoking Allowed
Not Before Pa, Dear
The O's and the Mc's
Obey! Obey! Obey!
Oh! Erin, My Country
Oh! I Shall Call Dada
Oh! Joe
Oh! Marigold
Oh! Take Me to Thy Heart Again!
Oh! You Pretty Blue-Eyed Witch
Oh, George! Beautiful George!
Oh, Wouldn't You Like to Know?
The Old English Squire
The Old Sailor's Dream
One Hundred Years!
One More Glass before We're Parting
Or Any Other Gal!
Our Girls
Our Toast!
Par Excellence
Pat Roach at the Play
Poor and Gay; or, It Might Have Been Worse
The Pope He Leads a Happy Life
Pray, Have You a Letter For Me?
Pretty Little Mary; or, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck
The Promenade Elastique
Pull Down Your Vest!
"Pull Slow And Steady, Boys"
"Pulling Hard Against the Stream"
Put By For a Rainy Day
"Put the Break on When Going Down the Hill"
Rather Too "Heavy" For Me!
Rather Too Old for Me!
Remember You Have Children of Your Own
The Rocky Road to Dublin
Roger O'Malley
The Rollicking Irishman
Say, Bird of Summer
The Sea King's Burial
See If I'd Get Mad
She Reigns Alone
She Suits Me, Down to the Ground
She Was Clerk in a Candy Store
She's a Wink and a Smile that Charms Me!
She's Bright as the Morning Star
Shy Young Girl; or, Du-da, Da
Since Terry First Joined The Gang
Song of the Haymakers
The Spade, Boys, the Spade
Sparkling Moselle
Speak to Me, Speak
Spooning on the Sands
Stick to Your Trade and be True
The Storm!
Sweet Long Ago
The Swell of the Day
Take Your Coat up to Your Uncle
The Teetotal Society
Ten Minutes Too Late
Thady O'Flinn
That Girl Across the Way
That Soft, Sweet Waltz
That's the Proper Caper
That's the Style for me, Boys
That's Where You Make the Mistake
"The Calibar"
"The Finest Police in the World!"
"The Scamp"
"There's Nothing Succeeds Like Success"
They Borrow, but Never Return!
They Say I'm a Very Tough Man!
Time Alone Will Prove
Toss the Turk
Tra-la-la, George!
True Blue, and Seventy-two
True to the Core!
"Twixt Two Stools a Man Goes to the Ground"
Uncle Sam is Brave and Free
Under the Starlight
"Up a Tree!"
Up and Be Doing
Up With the Lark in the Morning
The Vagabond
Wait for the Turn of the Tide
The Waterford Boys
The Way to be Happy
We All get Jolly as the Night Wears On!
We Can't Agree!
We Can't Do Without the Merry Chink, Chink, Chink!
We'd Better be Happy than Rich!
What the Old Cock Sparrow Said
When Brown Comes Rolling Home!
When I Took Our Nance to Church!
When the Corn is Waving, Annie
When the Good Times Come Again
When the Little Birds are Singing in the Garden!
When the Pigs Begin to Fly
When These Old Clothes Were New?
When You Wash a Nigger White
Where There's a Will There's a way
While the Gas is Burning
Whisky, You're the Divil
Why Can't I Have A Beau?
Why Don't You Come and See Me?
Will a Monkey Climb a Tree?
Would You if You Were Me?
Yankee Doodle
The Yellow Coin
You Are an Awful Tease!
You May Look, but You Mustn't Touch
Young Fellah' You're too Fresh
Your Pocket-book is Your Best Friend