The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kearney, Jim

Pseudonym For: Coomes, Oll, 1845-1921; Toombs, Robert Y.; Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

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Items with "Kearney, Jim" as Credited Author

Log Cabin Library

197. The Cooley Outlaws; or, A Plucky Sheriff's Fight to the End
221. Hank Starr, the Dalton Gang's Dead-Shot; or, Marshal Ruggles' First Round-Up
224. The Rustlers of Missouri; or, The Cowboy Vigilantes of the Bad Lands
231. Hank Starr at Pryor Creek; or, Old Jack Drew Heard From
238. Hank Starr in Colorado; or, Baily Bancroft's Big Scheme
248. Hank Starr's Rival; or, The Dashing Belle of Oklahoma
249. Hank Starr in Wyoming; or, The Clean Out at Whoop-Up Camp
250. Hank Starr in Missouri; or, The Outlaw's Deadly Feud
256. Hank Starr in New England; or, The Hard Fate of Nancy Neary
259. Hank Starr in Nebraska; or, Looting the Treasures on the Dismal River
262. The Hold-Up in the Snow; or, Hank Starr's Startling Ride and White Bird's Gulch
264. Hank Starr in Idaho; or, Chris Evans and Morrell to the Rescue
266. The Moonshiners of Mount Welcome; or, Hank Starr and Kentucky Outlaws
268. Hank Starr's Tall Hustle; or, Hide and Seek in City and Hills
271. Hank Starr's Closest Call; or, Outwitting Toner, the Western Trailer
451. The Cooley Gang; or, A Plucky Sheriff's Fight to the End