The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Gentleman Joe"

Pseudonym For: Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918; Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904; King, Tom W., 1843-1904; Sawyer, Eugene T. (Eugene Taylor), 1846-1924; Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

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Items with "Author of "Gentleman Joe"" as Credited Author

Log Cabin Library

317. Gentleman Joe's Second Score; or, The Lost Legion of Loadstone Lodge
319. Gentleman Joe's Picked Pards; or, The Cold Clinch at Creede
321. Gentleman Joe's Debt; or, Leopard Lill's Lawless League
323. Gentleman Joe's Victory; or, Leopard Lill's Last Leap
325. Gentleman Joe's Guards; or, The Seven "Suspects" from Salt Lake
327. Gentleman Joe's Forty-Four; or, The Pistol Party at Pandy Pass
329. Gentleman Joe's Death Shadow; or, Lucky Jackson's Last Play
331. Gentleman Joe's Silent Stroke; or, The Mad Mogul from Moonshine
333. Gentleman Joe's Gold Game; or, The Trump That Told
335. Gentleman Joe's Lost Lead; or, The Secret of the Silver Sphinx
337. Gentleman Joe's Double Cinch; or, The Gilded Clique from Gunnison
339. Gentleman Joe's Hold-Out; or, The Mystery of the Silver Hand
341. Gentleman Joe's Chicago Clean-Out; or, A Bold Break for Bootle
343. Gentleman Joe's Big Boom; or, Bluffing the Boomers of Bed Rock
345. Gentleman Joe's Gauntlet; or, The Back-to-Back Break at Bitter Root
347. Gentleman Joe's Grapple; or, A Hot Hour at Hurricane Ledge
349. Gentleman Joe at Gopher Gulch; or, Calm Caleb's Cold Comfort
351. Gentleman Joe's Seven Spot; or, The Cripple from Cripple Creek
356. Gentleman Joe at Full Flush; or, A Noose for Nine Necks
358. Gentleman Joe's Joker; or, The Clean-Up at Cold Crow
361. Gentleman Joe at Gunnison; or, Poker Paul's Poor Policy
363. Gentleman Joe's Garrison; or, The Castle in the Clouds
365. Gentleman Joe's Cool Catch; or, The Gild-Edged Sport's Shake-Up
367. Gentleman Joe's Denver Duet; or, The Hotspur from Hard-Pan
369. Gentleman Joe's Doom Dispatch; or, The Nabob of Nimble Nugget
371. Gentleman Joe's Leadville Lead; or, Foxy Fan's Flush
373. Gentleman Joe at Lucifer Lode; or, The Swoop of Gulch Shadows
375. Gentleman Joe's Nerve; or, The Whelps of Where-Are-Ye
377. Gentleman Joe in Death Valley; or, The Chase of the Phantom Rider
379. Gentleman Joe's Lightning Shot; or, The Claim Jumpers of Golden Gulch
381. Gentleman Joe's Double Eagle; or, A Dance at Frog Rock Curve
383. Gentleman Joe's Jeopardy; or, The Cool Clan of Camp Careful
385. Gentleman Joe's Border Ballot; or, A False Count at Wildcat Gulch
387. Gentleman Joe's Own Brand; or, A Contract on a Cattle Ranch
389. Gentleman Joe's Ranch Raiders; or, Holding Up the Big Four
391. Gentleman Joe's Round-Up; or, The Three Star Ranch Desperadoes
393. Gentleman Joe's Bowie Blade; or, A Swap of Steel that Wouldn't Work
403. Gentleman Joe in Chicago; or, The Message from the Stock Yards
404. Gentleman Joe in New York; or, Hot Work on the Elevated Railroad
405. Gentleman Joe in Pittsburgh; or, A Duel with Spikes
406. Gentleman Joe in St. Louis; or, The Accident at the Brewery
407. Gentleman Joe in Kansas City; or, Arrested at the Railroad Station
408. Gentleman Joe in San Francisco; or, A Gold Delivery to the Wrong Man
409. Gentleman Joe Taking Toll; or, A Paid Up Policy to Snap City
410. Gentleman Joe's Tenderfoot Pard; or, The Siren of Tanglefoot Bar
411. Gentleman Joe's Clean Sweep; or, The Firebrands of Fort Famine
412. Gentleman Joe in Pocatello; or, Bucking Against the Last Chance Gang
413. Gentleman Joe's Decoy; or, The Condemned Cashier
414. Gentleman Joe's Tight Fit; or, Following Suit with Cold Steel
415. Gentleman Joe's Race for a Mine; or, Sixty Miles in Five Hours
416. Gentleman Joe's Donation; or, A New Kind of Cattle Thief
417. Gentleman Joe's Bravery; or, The Sheriff's Shot in the Nick of Time
418. Gentleman Joe's Big Stake; or, A New Way to Cash a Check
419. Gentleman Joe after Big Game; or, Four Finger Jim's Big Fizzle
420. Gentleman Joe's Big Purchase; or, Owning a Railroad for an Hour
421. Gentleman Joe after Railroad Raiders; or, A Pitched Battle at Willis Farm
422. Gentleman Joe's Ride to Rescue; or, A Prompt Answer to a Call of Distress
423. Gentleman Joe's Iron Hand; or, The Roundup at Golden Lift
424. Gentleman Joe's Puzzling Pledge; or, Clearing Up the Mystery at Bad Luck Bar
425. Gentleman Joe's Pan-Out; or, Hot Times at Rustling Ledge
426. Gentleman Joe on Time; or, A Sheriff's Call and a Prompt Reply
427. Gentleman Joe's Prescription; or, A Bitter Pill for the Boss of Alkali Flats
429. Gentleman Joe's Week Off; or, Working a Tennessee Hold Up
431. Gentleman Joe's Leading Card; or, A Pistol Picnic at Paradise Peak
433. Gentleman Joe's Reckless Ruse; or, From Start to Finish on the Same Trail
435. Gentleman Joe's Desperate Drift; or, Under Water Through the Gulch
437. Gentleman Joe's Dispossess Notice; or, An Exciting Episode at Evacuation Creek
439. Gentleman Joe's Long Shot; or, Defying death in Duty's Name
441. Gentleman Joe at Barrel Gulch; or, All Hands in Line
444. Gentleman Joe's Jump for the Switch; or, Corralling the Counterfeiters of Lone Tree Gap

Log Cabin Library (Pocket Ed.)

142. Gentleman Joe's Dispossess Notice; or, An Exciting Episode at Evacuation Creek