The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Holmes, Howard, Captain

Pseudonym For: Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924

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Items with "Holmes, Howard, Captain" as Credited Author

American Detective Series

35. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand

The Banner Weekly

"At Ten Pace", A Famous Affair of Honor
Billy Beeswax
A Cold Trail
The Death-Button, A Bit of Detective Experience
The Deuce of Death
Dido of Dolores
The Gloved Hand, A City Detective's Narrative
The Hollow Tomahawk Handles
Little Strawberry
Miss Matterson's Mark
NIckajack's Nest, An Old-Time Detective's Story
One Woman's Secret
Ride of Death
A Ride with a Madman
San Miguel's Mad Angel
That One Night
Too Eager By Half
When I Am Dead

Beadle's New York Dime Library

The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand
294. Broadcloth Burt, the Denver Dandy; or, The Thirty Pards of Deadwood
321. California Claude, the Lone Bandit
335. Flash Dan, the Nabob; or, The Blades of Bowie Bar. A Story of the Gold Lands
340. Cool Conrad, the Dakota Detective; or, From Lair to Lair. A Tale of 'Frisco and the Gold Camps
347. Denver Duke, the Man with "Sand;" or, Centipede Sam's Lone Hand
352. The Desperate Dozen; or, The Fair Fiend of the Coeur d'Alene
365. Keen Kennard, the Shasta Shadow; or, The Branded Face. A Wild Romance of the Sierras
374. Major Blister, the Sport of Two Cities; or, The Broadway Spotter in the Black Hills. A Story of the Wild West
382. The Bonanza Band; or, Dread Don of the Cool Clan
392. The Lost Bonanza; or, The Boot of Silent Hound. A Tale of Three Millions
400. Captain Coldgrip, the Sport Detective; or, The New York Spotter in Colorado
407. Captain Coldgrip's Nerve; or, Injun Nick on Deck
413. Captain Coldgrip in New York; or, The Dragon League
421. Father Ferrett, the Frisco Shadow; or, The Queen of Bowie Notch. A Romance of Man, Woman, and Mystery in Frisco and the Gold Camps
434. Lucifer Lynx, the Wonder Detective; or, A Cool Hand among Hot Heads. A Romance of the Red Divide
441. The California Sleuth; or, The Trail of the Gold Grandee. A Story of Shasta
447. Volcano, the Frisco Spy; or, The Secret of the Secret Seven. A Wild Tale of a Nevada Mine
453. Captain Coldgrip's Long Trail; or, Sleuth against Sleuth
460. Captain Coldgrip, the City Sleuth; or, The Coolest Woman in New York. A Romance of the Traps, Trails and Mysteries of a Great City
468. Coldgrip in Deadwood; or, The Great Detective's Double Trail
480. Hawkspear, the Man with a Secret; or, New York Nick's Spirit Trail
487. Sunshine Sam, Chip of the Old Block; or, The Silent Trail of the Silent Six. A Romance of No-Gold Land
496. Richard Redfire, the Two Worlds Detective; or, To the Bitter End. A Romance of the Silver Hills
505. Phil Fox, the Genteel Spotter; or, The Private Secretary's Oath. A Story of the Sharks and Sharps of New York
512. Captain Velvet's Big Stake; or, The Gold Goths of No Man's Ground. A Romance of Shasta
523. Reynard of Red Jack; or, The Lost Detective
532. Jack Javert, the Independent Detective; or, Captain Cinnabar in New York
543. The Magnate Detective; or, Major Million's Joust with the Witch. A Tale of the Grapplers of Gotham
550. Silk Hat, the Mohave Ferret; or, The Marked Man of Arizona
559. Danton, the Shadow Sharp; or, The Queen of the Hidden Hands
569. Captain Cobra, the Hooded Mystery; or, The Quickened Dead. A Romance of the Santa Barbara Hills
579. Old Cormorant, the Veteran Vidocq; or, The Master Detective's Master Stroke
592. Captain Sid, the Shasta Ferret; or, The Rivals of Sunset. A Romance of the Rattlesnake Mine
608. Silent Sam, the Shadow Sphinx; or, Following the Invisible Trail
642. Red Pard and Yellow; or, The Nabobs of Centipede. A Romance of Arizona Mines and Arizona Vengeance
654. Sol Sphinx, the Ferret Detective; or, The Seven Secrets. A Romance of the Demon Doctor of Gotham
664. Monk Morel, the Man Hunter; or, The Trail of the Bandit Nabob. A Story of the Great Holden Mystery
671. Jason Clew, the Silk-Handed Ferret; or, The Maze of Silver Dagger
678. The Dude Desperado; or, The Baleful Beauty of Brimstone Bar
684. Velvet Van, the Mystery-Shadower; or, The Man in the Satin Mask. A Tale of the Dread Gray Clan
694. Gideon Grip, the Secret Shadower; or, The Clew of the Invisible Hand
701. Silver Steve, the Branded Sport; or, The Man-Mystery of Moonstone
711. Dan Damon, the Gilt-Edge Detective; or, The Mystery of Madeline Miggs
724. Captain Hiram, the Strong Arm Detective; or, The Last of the Nine. A Romance of the Black Tie
736. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand
751. The Dark Lantern Detective; or, The Puzzle of Number Nine. The Story of a New York Sensation
766. Detective Zach, the Broadway Spotter; or, The One-Handed Sport's Double Dilemma. A Tale of the Mysteries of a Great City
779. Silk Ribbon's Crush-Out; or, The Three King-Pins of Crossbar
788. The Night-Hawk Detective; or, Trapping the Tigers in New York. The Last of the Branded Band
803. The Bogus Broker's Right Bower; or, Ralph Rolent's (Felon 26) Tigress-Shadower
817. Plush Velvet, the Prince of Spotters; or, Bouncing Bowery Lawyer Sharks
831. Shadowing the London Detective; or, Harvey Hawk's Short-Stop
847. Hiram Hawk, the Harlem Detective; or, The Man with the Missing Finger. A Story of Captain Velvet, Chief of the Three
859. Clew-Hawk Keene's Right Bower; or, The Crook Hypnotist's Dupe-Play
871. The Crook-Cashier; or, The Wall Street Banker's Close Call
879. Falcon Flynn, the Flash-Detective; or, Deuce O'Diamond's Dead-Lock
888. Nightshade in New York; or, Gideon Gale's Hot Hustle
896. Kent Keen, the Crook Crusher; or, The Man from Spokane in New York. The Story of the Dead-Game Detective's Round-Up
903. The Train Detective; or, Captain Sleep's Cool Strike. A Story of the Missing Wall Street Banker
912. Genteel Joe's Lone Hand; or, Shadowing the Big Three
929. Gentleman George, the Showman-Sport; or, Spotter Spangles' Scoop
941. The Shadow-Sport from Frisco; or, Captain Flash, the Man of Two Names. A Story of the Twins of Tartarus
1082. Hercules Goldspur, the Man of the Velvet Hand; or, The Poker Queen's Drop Game. A Romance of Idaho

Ivers' Detective Series

34. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand

The Saturday Journal

A Ride with a Madman
That One Night