The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Holmes, Howard, Captain

Pseudonym For: Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924

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Items with "Holmes, Howard, Captain" as Credited Author

American Detective Series

35. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand

The Banner Weekly

"At Ten Pace", A Famous Affair of Honor
Billy Beeswax
A Cold Trail
The Death-Button, A Bit of Detective Experience
The Deuce of Death
Dido of Dolores
The Gloved Hand, A City Detective's Narrative
The Hollow Tomahawk Handles
Little Strawberry
Miss Matterson's Mark
NIckajack's Nest, An Old-Time Detective's Story
One Woman's Secret
Ride of Death
A Ride with a Madman
San Miguel's Mad Angel
That One Night
Too Eager By Half
When I Am Dead

Beadle's New York Dime Library

The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand
294. Broadcloth Burt, the Denver dandy, or, The thirty pards of Deadwood
321. California Claude the lone bandit
335. Flash Dan, the Nabob, or, The blades of Bowie Bar
340. Cool Conrad, the Dakota detective, or, From lair to lair
347. Denver Duke, the man with "sand," or, Centipede Sam's lone hand
352. The desperate dozen, or, The fair fiend of the Cœur d'Alene
365. Keen Kennard, the Shasta shadow, or, The branded face
374. Major Blister, the sport of two cities, or, The Broadway spotter in the Black Hills
382. The bonanza band, or, Dread Don, of the cool clan
392. The lost bonanza, or, The boot of Silent Hound
400. Captain Coldgrip the sport detective, or, The New York spotter in Colorado
407. Captain Coldgrip's nerve, or, Injun Nick on deck
413. Captain Coldgrip in New York, or, The dragon league
421. Father Ferret, the Frisco shadow, or, The queen of Bowie Notch
434. Lucifer Lynx, the wonder detective, or, A cool hand among hot heads
441. The California sleuth, or, The trail of the gold grandee
447. Volcano, the Frisco spy, or, The secret of the secret seven
453. Captain Coldgrip's long trail, or, Sleuth against sleuth
460. Captain Coldgrip the city sleuth, or, The coolest woman in New York
468. Coldgrip in Deadwood, or, The great detective's double trail
480. Hawkspear, the man with a secret, or, New York Nick's spirit trail
487. Sunshine Sam, chip of the old block, or, The silent trail of the silent six
496. Richard Redfire, the two worlds detective, or, To the bitter end
505. Phil Fox, the genteel spotter, or, The private secretary's oath
512. Captain Velvet's big stake, or, The gold goths of no man's ground
523. Reynard of Red Jack, or, The lost detective
532. Jack Javert the independent detective, or, Captain Cinnabar in New York
543. The magnate detective, or, Major Million's joust with the witch
550. Silk Hand, the Mohave ferret, or, The marked man of Arizona
559. Danton, the shadow sharp, or, The queen of the hidden hands
569. Captain Cobra, the hooded mystery, or, The quickened dead
579. Old Cormorant, the veteran Vidocq, or, The master detective's master stroke
592. Captain Sid the Shasta ferret, or, The rivals of Sunset
608. Silent Sam, the shadow sphinx, or, Following the invisible trail
642. Red pard and yellow, or, The nabobs of centipede
654. Sol Sphinx, the ferret detective, or, The seven secrets
664. Monk Morel the man hunter, or, The trail of the bandit nabob
671. Jason Clew the Silk Handed Ferret, or, The maze of the Silver Dagger
678. The dude desperado, or, The baleful beauty of Brimstone Bar
684. Velvet Van, the mystery-shadower, or, The man in the satin mask
694. Gideon Grip, the secret shadower, or, The clew of the invisible hand
701. Silver Steve, the branded sport, or, The man-mystery of Moonstone
711. Dan Damon, the gilt-edge detective, or, The mystery of Madeline Miggs
724. Captain Hiram the strong arm detective, or, The last of the nine
736. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand
751. The dark lantern detective, or, The puzzle of number nine
766. Detective Zach, the Broadway spotter, or, The one-handed sport's double dilemma
779. Silk Ribbon's crush-out, or, The three king-pins of Crossbar
788. The night-hawk detective, or, Trapping the tigers in New York
803. The bogus broker's right bower, or, Ralph Rolent's (Felon 26) tigress-shadower
817. Plush Velvet, prince of spotters, or, Bouncing Bowery lawyer sharks
831. Shadowing the London Detective, or, Harvey Hawk's short-stop
847. Hiram Hawk, the Harlem detective, or, The man with the missing finger
859. Clew-Hawk Keene's right bower, or, The crook-hypnotist's dupe-play
871. The crook-cashier, or, The Wall Street banker's close call
879. Falcon Flynn, the flash-detective, or, Deuce o'Diamond's dead-lock
888. Nightshade in New York, or, Gideon Gale's hot hustle
896. Kent Keen, the crook-crusher, or, The man from Spokane in New York
903. The train detective, or, Captain Sleek's cool strike
912. Genteel Joe's lone hand, or, Shadowing the big three
929. Gentleman George, the showman-sport, or, Spotter Spangles' scoop
941. The shadow sport from Frisco, or, Captain Flash, the man of two names
1082. Hercules Goldspur, the man of the velvet hand, or, The poker queen's drop game

Ivers' Detective Series

34. The Never Fail Detective; or, Thereon, of the Thumbless Hand

The Saturday Journal

A Ride with a Madman
That One Night