The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Howard, Jack

Pseudonym For: Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938; Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

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Items with "Howard, Jack" as Credited Author

Log Cabin Library

16. The Johnstown Hero; or, The Connemaugh Valley Consoirary
19. Louisville Luke, the Jockey Wonder; or, The Mystery of the Race Track
382. Louisville Luke, the Jockey Wonder; or, The Mystery of the Race Track

Old Cap. Collier Library

74. Doc Kedge, the alchemist assassin; or, Old Broadbrim's great abduction case
79. The Great Barry case; or, The Mysterious murder at Nol 47
87. Hawkeye and Ferret, the shrewd bowery detectives
90. Old Hawkeye's greatest trail
97. Old Sledge, the blacksmith detective
102. Tracked by lightning; or, Old Broadbrim's great murder case
115. The clique of crime; or, Old Broadbrim's last case
130. The Demon Doctor; or, Old Broadbrim piping a quaker city crime
147. Old Mississippi
155. Jack Shark on hand; or, tracking the thugs
175. John Merry, the alert detective; or, Raising the dead
201. Cremated Alive
222. Found in the river; or, Old Broadbrim's strange case
229. The Harbor detective
253. Broadbrim's tangled case; or, The quaker detective's match
256. Tom pilgrim, the tramp detective; or, tracing the Rope-Walk mystery
261. Old Brighton, the Coney Island detective; or, solving the great coffin mystery
730. Old Grimes, the Carnival detective; or, tracked from New York to New Orleans
738. Stephan Potter, the Veteran detective; or, probing the mysterious Appleby Affair
752. The Dude detective; or, A "Howling Swell's" adventures in Algiers