The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Young Broadbrim"

Pseudonym For: Broughton, F. Lusk; Burton, Frederick R. (Frederick Russell), 1861-1909; Chalmers, Stephen, 1880-1935; James, W. I., Jr.; King, T. W.; MacLean, Charles Agnew, 1880-1928; McKie; Morris, Anthony P. (Anthony Paschal), Jr., 1849-1921; Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938; Scott, Vincent E.

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Items with "Author of "Young Broadbrim"" as Credited Author

Young Broadbrim Weekly

55. Young Broadbrim & Co.; or, Solving the mysteries of Rockwood
56. Young Broadbrim triumphant; or, The girl cracksman
57. Young Broadbrim fighting an unknown power; or, A scientific murderer
58. Young Broadbrim on a weird case; or, The mystery of the phantom voices
59. Young Broadbrim on a long trail; or, Dandy Dick shanghaied
60. Young Broadbrim on a newsboy mystery; or, Dandy Dick's first case
61. Young Broadbrim on the border; or, Catching the smugglers of Canada
62. Young Broadbrim in a lumber camp; or, Getting the best of brave outlaws
63. Young Broadbrim and the hotel thieves; or, Clever crooks run to earth
64. Young Broadbrim's perfumed clew; or, Dandy Dick's star play
65. Young Broadbrim's great duel; or, The Boy detectives abroad
66. Young Broadbrim's vendetta; or, Chief Morello's death
67. Young Broadbrim on a false crew; or, The mystery of the gray house
68. Young Broadbrim's chance shot; or, The fight for the Boulder millions
69. Young Broadbrim overboard; or, The old detective's double
70. Young Broadbrim and the bank swindlers; or, The secret of the old mill
71. Young Broadbrim and the Black Hand; or, In League with a Murderer
72. Young Broadbrim's mystic seven; or, The Order of the branded arm
73. Young Broadbrim on a false scent; or, Tracking the wrong man
74. Young Broadbrim's disappearance mystery; or, Matching a woman's craft
75. Young Broadbrim and the wharf runners; or, On a million dollar trail
76. Young Broadbrim's strange find; or, The mansion of mysteries
77. Young Broadbrim and the cipher monogram; or, Taking the dare of the Bee-bees
78. Young Broadbrim's master stroke; or, A house within a house
79. Young Broadbrim and the death touch; or, The man with a monkey's hand
80. Young Broadbrim's deal with death; or, The finish of a fiend
81. Young Broadbrim's police puzzle; or, The tragedy of the Tenderloin