The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Old Broadbrim"

Pseudonym For: Broughton, F. Lusk; Burton, Frederick R. (Frederick Russell), 1861-1909; Carlton, Gerald; Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924; Ironnerve, Old, Jr.; James, W. I., Jr.; James, W. I.; Jerome, Gilbert; MacLean, Charles Agnew, 1880-1928; McAnder, Captain; McLean, Charles Agnew; Merrill, J. M. (James Milford), 1847-1936; Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938

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Items with "Author of "Old Broadbrim"" as Credited Author

Old Broadbrim Weekly

2. Old Broadbrim fighting the clique of crime
3. Old Broadbrim in a race for life; or, A thirteen-day fight
4. Old Broadbrim's crimson knot; or, The bats of Baltimore
5. Old Broadbrim on a perilous quest; or, Running a band of assassins to earth
6. Old Broadbrim chasing the bank thieves; or, A brilliant piece of detective work
7. Old Broadbrim on a water-front trail; or, Breaking up a dangerous gang
8. Old Broadbrim on an ocean chase; or, The diamond smuggler's great invention
9. Old Broadbrim solving a railway mystery; or, The millionaire's strange death
10. Old Broadbrim finding the Millville robbers; or, The miser of Great Wallingford
11. Old Broadbrim after the gold-brick swindlers; or, The Blacklock Bunco Gang
12. Old Broadbrim among the thugs of Harlem; or, Landing a big catch
13. Old Broadbrim on a strange abduction case; or, The tramping king of Ireland
14. Old Broadbrim fighting Western desperadoes; or, Playing the counterfeit game
15. Old Broadbrim forcing their hands; or, The panel thieves of the Tenderloin
16. Old Broadbrim on a kidnapping case; or, The search for a young heiress
17. Old Broadbrim destroying the swamp angels; or, The mysterious crime of Gotham Court
18. Old Broadbrim up against grave robbers; or, The tomb hunters of Tavistock
22. Old Broadbrim revealing a double life; or, The clew of the blood-stained paper
25. Old Broadbrim on the trail of the Iron Frog; or, Who killed Percy Manson?
26. Old Broadbrim in ticklish places; or, Hunting a banker's assassins
27. Old Broadbrim playing a dangerous game; or, The mystery of the red dragon
28. Old Broadbrim playing a master stroke; or, The mystery of pier no. 4
29. Old Broadbrim foiling a fiend; or, Game from start to finish
30. Old Broadbrim on a hot chase; or, The bicycle highwaymen of Coney Island
31. Old Broadbrim setting a smart trap; or, Marked with a double cross
32. Old Broadbrim into the heart of Australia; or, A strange bargain and its consequences
33. Old Broadbrim doomed by an invisible hand; or, The victims of the vial of death
34. Old Broadbrim in the jaws of a tigress; or, A fight against fearful odds
35. Old Broadbrim Trumping the Trick; or, The Strange Disappearance from a Sleeping Car
36. Old Broadbrim in and out of the toils; or, The pursuit of Red McMahon and his gang
37. Old Broadbrim in the eleventh hour; or, The mystery of the headless man
38. Old Broadbrim following up a golden clew; or, The extraordinary happenings at Babbington Manor
39. Old Broadbrim dealing the death cards; or, The doom of the scarlet stranglers
40. Old Broadbrim balking a deep-laid plot; or, Geraldine Joslyn's remarkable double
41. Old Broadbrim tracking the dead; or, The hidden battery of doom
42. Old Broadbrim always on hand; or, The target of an infamous band
43. Old Broadbrim in a fight for millions; or, The daring impersonation at Stonehow Grange
44. Old Broadbrim at close quarters; or, The puzzle of the blue silk cord
45. Old Broadbrim under crime's thumb; or, In the confines of the dread circle
46. Old Broadbrim leagued with Nick Carter; or, The Biggest case of their lives
47. Old Broadbrim on a clew from the dead; or, Two famous detectives on the same case
48. Old Broadbrim in a deep-sea struggle; or, A helping hand from Nick Carter
49. Old Broadbrim on the wrong case; or, Revenge after twenty years
50. Old Broadbrim in the dark; or, Throwing light on a tangled mystery
51. Old Broadbrim on the stage; or, How the Quaker foiled a female fiend

Young Broadbrim Weekly

52. Young Broadbrim, the boy detective; or, The old Quaker's youthful ally
53. Young Broadbrim in Kansas City; or, What was found in the flood
54. Young Broadbrim on an aerial trail; or, The terrible ordeal of fire