The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Lynch, Lawrence L.

Pseudonym For: Van Deventer, Emma Murdoch

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Items with "Lynch, Lawrence L." as Credited Author

The American Library (Donnelly, Lloyd & Co.)

1. Lenore Armyn
3. The Diamond Coterie
9. Out of a Labyrinth
25. Madeline Payne, the Expert's Daughter

Library of Choice Fiction

Dangerous Ground
The Diamond Coterie
Moina; or, Against the Mighty
A Mountain Mystery; or, The Outlaws of the Rockies
Out of a Labyrinth
A Slender Clue
1. The Lost Witness; or, The Mystery of Leah Paget
4. Shadowed by Three
9. Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter
10. Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter