The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Author of "Old Cap. Collier"

Pseudonym For: James, W. I.

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Items with "Author of "Old Cap. Collier"" as Credited Author

Family Story Paper

Captain Kidd's Treasures: or, The Secret of the Bartholdi Statue Foundation

Old Broadbrim Weekly

18. Old Broadbrim up against grave robbers; or, The tomb hunters of Tavistock
19. Old Broadbrim seeking the man in black; or, Miser Ben's school of crime
20. Old Broadbrim untying a tangled knot; or, One of the queerest crimes on record
21. Old Broadbrim baffling a dark terror; or, The crimes of the Red Hands of India
23. Old Broadbrim keeping his vow; or, The tangled mystery of the Quaker City
24. Old Broadbrim trapping the foxes; or, The crimes of the boathouse

Old Cap. Collier Library

5. The Seaside detective; or, Ironclad in the employ of the government
13. Lightning Gripp: The cautious detective; or, Piping the Nathan murder mystery
41. Flash and Co., detectives; or, Piping the coney island mystery
312. Hunter, The Montreal Detective; or, "Piping" The Riel Avengers
545. On the Washington; or, Old Cap Collier with the coxey army
634. Old Cap. Collier and the "speckled hands" conspiracy; or, The Mystery of the first night of the opera
706. The most mysterious crime of '97; or, Old Cap Collier solving the Herald Square tragedy
746. Who destroyed the Maine? or, Old Cap Collier Piping the Mystery of Havana Harbor
748. The Philadelphia mint robbery; or, Old Cap. Collier's curious clew