The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Osbon, John W.

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Items with "Osbon, John W." as Author

The American Library (American Library Co.)

28. The Diamond Hoax; or, A Leaf from the Lives of Two Detectives. A Thrilling Story of Intrigue and Crime

The Banner Weekly

The Cowboy's Throw for Life
His "Humpback" Rule, The Romance of a Range Patrol
Nora's Quest, The Story of Tenderfoot Lode
Obe Crick's Flame
Ribbon Jack's Last Trip
The Sacred Brick, A Tramp Romance

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

469. The rival giants of Nowhar, or, The brothers' league
498. Cactus Burr, the man from hard luck, or, Captain Noname's mission
537. Old Buckeye, the sierra shadow, or, Against desperate odds
564. Powder Phil, the boy miner, or, The man without a past
609. Bolly Darrit, the veteran detective, or, Little Lightning's invincibles
620. Little Lightning's league, or, The mystery of the island
633. Plucky Paul, the boy prospector, or, The Deadwood desperado's last innings
751. Gold-Dust Dan, the trail patrol, or, Wiping out Old Nick's Nine
755. Gold-Dust Dan's oath, or, Reckless Roy's regulators
923. Gold-Dust Dan's snap-shot, or, The Deadwood speculator's blind

Beadle's New York Dime Library

518. Royal Richard, the thoroughbred, or, Long Pete Jenkins's convoy
759. The sport from St. Louis, or, The three sharks of Big Ledge
877. Cool Creede, the dead-shot, or, The white sport at Prickly Pear Camp
905. Shasta Sam, the sparkler, or, Kent Kenne's knock-out
922. Gilbert Goldspur, the dandy sport, or, Darky Dan & Co., detectives
987. Shadrach, the sport detective, or, The Secret Seven
1001. The brand-burners of Cimarron, or, Detective Goldspur's pard