The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Bradshaw, Alden F.

Pseudonym For: Davis, Frederick W.; Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904

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Items with "Bradshaw, Alden F." as Credited Author

Shield Weekly

1. Sheridan Keene, detective; or, The Chief Inspector's best man
2. Silhouette or shadow?, or, A question of evidence
3. Inspector Watts' great capture, or, The case of Alvord, the embezzler
4. Cornered by inches, or, A curious robbery in high life
5. The man and the hour, or, Sheridan Keene's clever artifice
6. Who was the model?, or, Missing: a beautiful heiress
7. Under seal, or, The hand of the guilty
8. A lion among wolves, or, Sheridan Keene's identity
9. A double play, or, Two mysteries in one net
10. A frozen clew, or, The cold storage mystery
11. Under the knife, or, The cloak of guilt
12. Arrested at the tomb, or, Sheridan Keene on a curious case
13. In bad hands, or, Sheridan Keene's help to some country visitors
14. The mysterious signal, or, Sheridan Keene on the water front
15. Behind the asylum bars, or, Turned down as a hopeless case
16. A paper gold mine, or, Sheridan Keene after money order book 2409
17. Found guilty, or, Steve Manley against court and jury
18. Called down, or, Steve Manley in a desperate strait
19. A skin game, or, Steve Manley among the tanners
20. The head hunter, or, Steve Manley's secret mission
21. $10,000 reward, or, Steve Manley in a new role
22. Kit Keen, the crook catcher, or, The king of the kidnappers