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Person - Author of "Buffalo Bill"

Pseudonym For: Cook, William Wallace, 1867-1933; Ingraham, Prentiss, 1843-1904; Judson, E. Z. C. (Edward Zane Carroll), 1822 or 1823-1890; Rathborne, St. George, 1854-1938; Taylor, Alfred Bronaugh, 1843-1903; Thorpe, William; Whitson, John Harvey, 1854-1936; Williams, Henry C.; Young, Ernest A., 1858-1936

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Items with "Author of "Buffalo Bill"" as Credited Author

Buffalo Bill Stories

1. Buffalo Bill, the Border King. A Story of Daring Deeds
2. Buffalo Bill's Best Shot. A Story of Wild West Adventures
3. Buffalo Bill's Victory. A Story of Tangled Trails
4. Buffalo Bill's Rifle Rangers. A Story of Rough Riding Rescues
5. Buffalo Bill's Gold Guard; or, Fort Fetterman's Girl in Gray
6. Buffalo Bill's Avenging Trail; or, the Secret of a Grave
7. Buffalo Bill's Phantom Arrow; or, The Ghost Dancer's Doom
8. Buffalo Bill's Prairie Police; or, The Decoy of Death Desert
9. Buffalo Bill's Black Scouts; or, The Trail of the Outlaw Band of Devil's Den
10. Buffalo Bill's Bravos; or, Trailing Through the Land of Death
11. The Lost Stage Coach; or, Buffalo Bill's Long Search
12. Buffalo Bill's Secret Mission; or, The Fair Hermit of Mystery Valley
13. Buffalo Bill's Boy Bravo Pard; or, On the Texan Terror's Trail
14. Buffalo Bill's Saddle Sharps; or, The Pledged Pards of the Pony Express
15. Buffalo Bill's Unknown Ally; or, The Brand of the Red Arrow
16. Buffalo Bill's Pards in Gray; or, On the Death Trails of the Wild West
17. Buffalo Bill's Death Deal; or, The Queen of Gold Canyon
18. Buffalo Bill at Graveyard Gap; or, The Doomed Drivers of the Overland
19. Buffalo Bill's Death Graple; or, Shadowed By Sure Shots
20. Buffalo Bill in the Nick of Time; or, The Lost Troopers
21. Buffalo Bill in the Valley of Doom; or, Crossing the Dead Line
22. Buffalo Bill's Race for Life; or, The Attack on the Wagon Train
23. Buffalo Bill on the Trail of the Renegades; or, The Masked Marauders
24. Buffalo Bill's Lone Hand; or, Fighting Bandits and Redskins
25. Buffalo Bill's Warning; or, Malo, the Mexican's Death Deal
26. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Whirlwind; or, The Three Avengers
27. Buffalo Bill Entrapped; or, The Phantom of the Storm
28. Buffalo Bill in the Den of the Ranger Chief; or, One Chance in a Thousand
29. Buffalo Bill's Tussle with Iron Arm, the Renegade; or, Red Snake, the Pawnee Pard
30. Buffalo Bill on the Roost Trail; or, The Redskin Heiress
31. Buffalo Bill's Peril; or, Going It Alone in Dead Man's Gulch
32. Buffalo Bill in Massacre Valley; or, The Search for the Missing Ranger
33. Buffalo Bill in the Hidden Retreat; or, The Captives of Old Bear Claw
34. Buffalo Bill's Disappearance; or, The Strange Guide of the Rio Grande
35. Buffalo Bill's Mission; or, The Haunt of the Lone Medicine Man
36. Buffalo Bill and the Woman in Black; or, In League with the Toll-Takers
37. Buffalo Bill and the Huanted Ranch; or, The Disappearance of the Rachman's Daughter
38. Buffalo Bill and the Danite Kidnappers; or, The Green River Massacre
39. Buffalo Bill's Duel; or, Among the Mexican Miners
40. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Wolves; or, Hunting the Bandits of Boneyard Gulch
41. Buffalo Bill at Painted Rock; or, After the Human Buzzards
42. Buffalo Bill and the Boy Trailer; or, After the Kidnappers in Kansas
43. Buffalo Bill in Zigzag Canyon; or Fighting Red Hugh's Band
44. Buffalo Bill's Red Allies; or, Hand to Hand With the Devil Gang
45. Buffalo Bill in the Bad Lands; or, Trailing the Veiled Squaw
46. Buffalo Bill's Trail of the Ghost Dancers; or, The Sioux Chief's Secret
47. Buffalo Bill's Deadliest Deal; or, The Doomed Desperadoes of Satan's Mine
48. Buffalo Bill's Secret; or, The Trail of the Traitor
49. Buffalo Bill's Phantom Hunt; or, The Gold Guide of Colorado Canyon
50. Buffalo Bill's Brother in Buckskin; or, The Redskin Lariat Rangers
51. Buffalo Bill's Trail of the Man Tigers; or, The Doom of the Branded Hand
52. Buffalo Bill's Boy Pard; or, Training the Buckskin Boy
53. Buffalo Bill's Vow of Vengeance; or, The Scout's Boy Ally
54. Buffalo Bill and the Mad Hermit; or, Finding a Lost Trail
55. Buffalo Bill's Bonanza; or, The Clan of the Silver Circle
56. Buffalo Bill's Mascot; or, The Death Valley Victim No. 13. A Romance of Desperadoes in Arizona
57. Buffalo Bill and the Surgeon Scout; or, The Brave Dumb Messsenger
58. Buffalo Bill's Mysterious Trail; or, Tracking a Hidden Foe
59. Buffalo Bill and the Masked Hussar; or, Fighting the Prairie Pirates
60. Buffalo Bill's Blind; or, Running the Death Gauntlet
61. Buffalo Bill and the Masked Driver; or, The Fatal Run Through Death Canyon
62. Buffalo Bill's Still Hunt; or, Fighting the Robber of the Ranges
63. Buffalo Bill and the Red Riders; or, The Mad Driver of the Overland
64. Buffalo Bill's Death Shot Pard; or, The Will-o'-the-Wisp of the Trails
65. Buffalo Bill's Run-Down; or, The Red-Hand Renegade's Death
66. Buffalo Bill's Red Trail; or, A Race for Ransom
67. Buffalo Bill's Best Bower; or, Calling the Turn on Death Notch Dick
68. Buffalo Bill and the Gold Ghouls; or, Defying Death at Elephant Rock
69. Buffalo Bill's Spy-Shadower; or, The Masked Men of Grand Canyon. A Romance of the Dread Driver of the Colorado
70. Buffalo Bill's Secret Camp; or, Trailing the Cloven Hoofs
71. Buffalo Bill's Sweepstake; or, Hunting the Paradise Gold Mine
72. Buffalo Bill and the Black Heart Desperado; or, The Wipe-Out at Last Chance
73. Buffalo Bill's Death Charm; or, The Lady in Velvet
74. Buffalo Bill's Desperate Strategy; or, The Mystery of the Cliff
75. Buffalo Bill and the Black Mask; or, The Raffle of Death
76. Buffalo Bill's Road-Agent Round-Up; or, Panther Pete's Revenge
77. Buffalo Bill and the Renegade Queen; or, Deadly Hand's Strange Duel
78. Buffalo Bill's Buckskin Band; or, Forcing the Redskins to the Wall
79. Buffalo Bill's Decoy Boys; or, The Death-Rivals of the Big Horn. A Story of the Great Scout's Strong Hand in Forcing a Triple Peace
80. Buffalo Bill's Sure-Shots; or, Buck Dawson's Big Draw
81. Buffalo Bill's Texan Team; or, The Dog Detective
82. Buffalo Bill's Water Trail; or, Foiling the Mexican Bandits
83. Buffalo Bill's Hard Night's Work; or, Captain Coolhand's Kidnapping Plot
84. Buffalo Bill and the Scout Miner; or, The Mounted Sharps of the Overland
85. Buffalo Bill's Single-Handed Game; or, Nipping Outlawry in the Bud
86. Buffalo Bill and the Lost Miners; or, Hemmed in by Redskins
87. Buffalo Bill's Tenderfoot Pards; or, The Boys in Black
88. Buffalo Bill and the Man in Blue; or, The Volunteer Vigilantes of Silver Thread City
89. Buffalo Bill and the Outcast of Yellow Dust City; or, Fighting for Life in the Blizzard
90. Buffalo Bill's Crippled Crew; or, Sunflower Sam of Shasta
91. Buffalo Bill and the Boy Scout; or, The Tenderfoot Tramper of the Overland
92. Buffalo Bill's Young Double; or, A Yankee Boy in the Wild West
93. Buffalo Bill and the Silent Slayers; or, The Arizona Crack Shot
96. Buffalo Bill and the Black Mustang; or, Dick Dearborn's Death Ride
97. Buffalo Bill's Tough Tussle; or, The Mystery of the Renegade Hermit
98. Buffalo Bill's Rush-Ride; or, Sure-Shot, the High-Flyer
99. Buffalo Bill and the Phantom Soldier; or, Little Sure-Shot's Lone Trail
103. Buffalo Bill's Pony Patrol; or, The Mysterious Boy of the Overland
104. Buffalo Bill in Disguise; or, The Boy Boomer at Danger Divide
108. Buffalo Bill's Drop; or, Dead Shot Ned, the Kansas Kid
109. Buffalo Bill's Lasso-Throwers; or, Shadow Sam's Short-Stop. A Romance of the Southwest
110. Buffalo Bill's Relentless Trail; or, The Unknown Slayer of the Black Cavalry
111. Buffalo Bill and Silent Sam; or, The Woman of the Iron Hand
112. Buffalo Bill's Raid on the Midnighters; or, Following a Spectre Guide
113. Buffalo Bill at Beacon Rock; or, Drawing Lots with Death
114. Buffalo Bill and the Wolves of Mexico; or, Butterfly Billy, the Pony Detective
115. Buffalo Bill and the White Buffalo; or, The Black Horse Rider
116. Buffalo Bill and the Prairie Hercules; or, The Spectre Soldier of the Overland
117. Buffalo Billy, the Boy Bullwhacker; or, The Doomed Thirteen. A Strange Story of the Silver Trail
119. Buffalo Bill's Grim Guard; or, The Chinaman in Buckskin. A Story of a Real Trail into the Country of the Big Horn
120. Buffalo Bill's Discovery; or, The Mystery of the Gold Treasure
149. Buffalo Bill's Banner Play; or, Cripps, the Canyon Centaur
150. Buffalo Bill's Pawnee Pard; or, The Comanche Captive
153. Buffalo Bill's blind lead, or, The Pirates of the Prairie
158. Buffalo Bill's Cold Chase; or, Running Down Redskins on the Ice
178. Buffalo Bill's Dead Drop; or, The Ghost-Scout of Colorado
218. Buffalo Bill's Fiery Trail; or, Lone Bear's Paleface Pard
225. Buffalo Bill's Red Enemy; or, The Wizard of the Comanches
228. Buffalo Bill's Air Voyage; or, Fighting Redskins from a Balloon
230. Buffalo Bill's Kiowa Foe; or Buckskin Sam's Red Hand
248. Buffalo Bill's Creek Quarrel; or, Long Hair's Long Shot
265. Buffalo Bill and the Indian Tiger; or, The Leap for Life
273. Buffalo Bill's Diamond Mine; or, The Bedouins of the Plains
302. Buffalo Bill and the Boy Bugler; or, The White Flower of Fetterman Prairie
310. Buffalo Bill Haunted; or, The White Witch of the Niobrara
317. Buffalo Bill's Redskin Rovers; or, Old Nick Nomad's Wolf Trick
367. Buffalo Bill's Assistance; or, The Brothers of the Bow-String
383. Buffalo Bill overboard; or, Playing the black and red
385. Buffalo Bill's big contract; or, Helping the railroad builders
395. Buffalo Bill's Star Play; or, A Dead Open-and-Shut in Windy Gulch
404. Buffalo Bill and the Trouble Hunter; or, The Lure of the Mission Gold
407. Buffalo Bill Among the Cheyennes; or, The Rescue of Paquita
421. Buffalo Bill's Steel-Arm Pard; or, Old Weasel-top's Mission
449. Buffalo Bill's Chinese Chase; or The Battle of the Tongs
485. Buffalo Bill's Enigma; or, Pawnee Bill and the House of Mystery
487. Buffalo Bill and the Gilded Clique; or, Pawnee's Mountain-Slide
491. Buffalo Bill and the Ke-week Totem; or, Pawnee Bill's Blacksnake Magic
506. Buffalo Bill's Crow Scouts; or, Pawnee Bill and the Absarokes
508. Buffalo Bill's Witchcraft; or, Pawnee Bill and the Snake Aztecs
511. Buffalo Bill's Fight for the Right; or, Pawnee Bill and the King of the Land Boomers
514. Buffalo Bill and the Apache Kid; or, Pawnee Bill's Winning Hand
534. Buffalo Bill's Thunderbolt; or, Pawnee Bill and the Buffalo Killers
536. Buffalo Bill's Sioux Tackle; or, Pawnee Bill's Canoe Trail
538. Buffalo Bill's Medicine Trail; or, Pawnee Bill, King of the Rope
550. Buffalo Bill and the Sorceress; or, Pawnee Bill and the Fight for the Placer
588. Buffalo Bill's Strange Pursuit; or, Pawnee Bill and the Canoe Centaur
589. Buffalo Bill's Death Trap; or, Pawnee Bill and the Comanche Captive

Far West Library

11. Buffalo Bill's Death Call; or, On a Red Trail

New Buffalo Bill Weekly

Buffalo Bill Among the Cheyennes; or, The Rescue of Paquita
Buffalo Bill overboard; or, Playing the black and red
Buffalo Bill's big contract; or, Helping the railroad builders
Buffalo Bill's dead drop; or, Pawnee Bill betrayed
Buffalo Bill's Star Play; or, A Dead Open-and-Shut in Windy Gulch
1. Buffalo Bill's blind lead, or, Pawnee Bill and the Prairie Pirates
6. Buffalo Bill's Defense; or, Pawnee Bill and the Indian Giant