The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Murray, Lieutenant, 1820-1895

Pseudonym For: Ballou, Maturin M. (Maturin Murray), 1820-1895

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Items with "Murray, Lieutenant, 1820-1895" as Credited Author

Brady's Champion Stories

11. Fanny Campbell, the Female Pirate Captain
12. Captain Lovell; or, The Pirate's Cave

Log Cabin Library

143. Maratina, the Female Brigand

New York Weekly

Capturing a Slaver
Chased by Wolves
The Cork Leg
A Countess At Last
A Crazy Captain
The Deserted Bride
The Dog Detective And His Young Master
Donnybrook Fair
Double-Jointed Dick
A Father's Stratagem
The Female Spy
Fight With A Shark
A French Wizard
A Ghost Story
Hawk-Eye Jack
The Idiot Witness
Mezzoni the Brigand
The Miser's Will
Modern Brigands
The Monk's Stratagem
Outwitting A Landlord
A Parisian Thief
Poor Lisette
Redskins Surprised
The Rope-Dancer's Reward
Run-Down at Sea
A Running Fight
A Story of Bunker Hill. "1775!" or, the Patriot Spy
The Suicide's Resort
A Swim for Life
Trapping Wolves
Tried for his Life; or, The Chain of Guilt!
Under a Curse; or, Retributive Justice
Why She Loved Him
A Yankee Pilot

Sea and Shore Series

12. Held for Ransom
12 (replacement title). Mezzoni the Brigand; or, The King of the Mountains

Wide Awake Library

221 (replacement title). The War Tiger