The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Wilton, Mark, 1852-1929

Pseudonym For: Manning, William H. (William Henry), 1852-1929

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Items with "Wilton, Mark, 1852-1929" as Author

The American Library (American Library Co.)

18. Blacklaw, the Rover; or, Mystery of Eagle Rock. A Story of Ship and Shore

The Banner Weekly

A Mad Adventure
Ben Bithers's Alligator Pool
Bill Bourne and Pard
A Bunch of Bananas
The Dying Miner
Grubb's Boy
The Hero of Shingle Flat
How the Train was Signaled. An Engineer's Story
Jack Winthrop's Boast
Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Light Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
The Mountain Chasm
The Murderer's Fate
The Night-Watchman's Souvenir
"Old Prospect"
The Plymouth Outlaw
A Realistic Othello
The Stolen Mustang
The Swamp Fox
The Train-Wrecker's Wife
The Western Stage-Driver's Song

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

270. Blizzard Ben, the Arizona cyclone, or, The riot at Keno Camp
286. Josh the boy tenderfoot, or, The wild men of Buzzard Bar
1090. Jubilee Joe, the chain-lightning detective, or, The lamb in the wolf's den

Beadle's New York Dime Library

176. Lady Jaguar, the robber queen
194. Don Sombrero, the California road gent, or, The three men of Mount Tabor
202. Cactus Jack, the giant guide, or, The masked robbers of black bend
219. The Scorpion Brothers, or, Mad Tom's mission
223. Canyon Dave, the man of the mountain, or, The toughs of Silver Spur
227. Buckshot Ben, the man-hunter of Idaho, or, The Cactus Creek tragedy
237. Long-Haired Max, or The black league of the coast
245. Barranca Bill, the revolver champion, or, The witch of the weeping willows
258. Bullet Head, the Colorado bravo, or, The prisoners of the death-vault
263. Iron-Armed Abe, the hunchback destroyer, or, The black riders' terror
266. Leopard Luke, the king of horse-thieves, or, The swamp squatter's doom
271. Stonefist, of Big Nugget Bend, or, Old Ketchum's tug of war
276. Texas Chick, the Southwest detective, or, Tiger-Lily, the vulture queen
285. Lightning Bolt, the canyon terror, or, The mountain cat's grudge
291. Horseshoe Hank, the man of big luck, or, The gold brick of Idaho
305. Silver-Plated Sol, the Montana rover, or, Giant Dave's fight with himself
311. Heavy Hand, the relentless, or, The marked men of Paradise Gulch
323. Hotspur Hugh, or, The banded brothers of the giant's arm
1083. Lightning Bolt, the canyon terror, or, The mountain cat's grudge

Border Boys Library

12. Blacklock; or, The Red Gomez Gang
16. Panther of Poker Bar; or, Routing the Road Agents

Little Chief Library

23. Silver Rifle; or, The Lake Detective
43. Pluck Luke
67. Southwest Saul's Tip; or, The Stolen Mustang
88. Lyon, the Guide; or, The Border Fugitives
118. The Black Swamp Gang; or, The Ghost of the Mississippi
134. Bushrod, the Trapper; or, The Spirit of the Arrow
150. Hernandez the Hunchback; or, The Texan Tiger
160. Shooting Water; or, The Red Patriot

The Saturday Journal

"Rogers' Slide"
A Mad Adventure
Jack Winthrop's Boast
The Mountain Chasm
The Murderer's Fate
My Idol
The Plymouth Outlaw
The Rattlesnake's Bite
The Silver Stream Tragedy
The Stolen Mustang
The Swamp Fox