The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Old Salt

Pseudonym For: De Morgan, John; Harbaugh, T. C. (Thomas Chalmers), 1849-1924

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Items with "Old Salt" as Credited Author

Red Raven Library

1. Captain Kidd's Sea Swoop; or, Carried off by Pirates
2. Captain Kidd's Buried Treasure; or, Adventure of Three Boys among the Buccaneers
3. The Silver Cutlass; or, Thad and His Chums Lost in the Swamp
4. Defying the Sea Wolf; or, Thad at Bay in the Powder Magazine
5. The Jolly Red Raven; or, Captain Kidd's Daring Raid on New Orleans
6. The Corsair Captain; or, Thad and His Chums Afloat
7. The Death's Head Rovers; or, How Thad Outwitted the Coast Freebooters
8. Walking the Plank; or, The Last Cruise of the "Flying Scud"
9. Captain Kidd's Revenge; or, Thad among the Tigers of the Sea
10. The Chest of Doubloons; or, How Three Boys Defied the Buccaneers
11. The Rival Pirates; or, Thad and His Chums in Irons
12. Captain Kidd's Stratagem; or, Simple Simon Takes Soundings
13. The Red Raven's Prize; or, How Young Thad Sailed a Pirate Barque
14. Nailed to the Mast; or, The Last of Captain Kidd's "Hole in the Wall".
15. Captain Kidd's Long Chase; or, Thad and His Chums in the Tropics
16. Set Adrift by Pirates; or, Thad's Adventures in the Sargasso Sea
17. To Sink or Swim; or, Thad and His Friends on Blue Water
18. Captain Kidd's Drag-Net; or, How Young Thad Hoodwinked the Buccaneers
19. The Phantom Pirate; or, Thad and His Chums on the Haunted Ship
20. The Winged Witch; or, How Three Boys Saved the Treasure Galleon
21. Captain Kidd In New Orleans; or, The Pirate Scourge Of The Rigolets
22. Tiger of the Sea; or, The Three Castaways of the Gulf
23. The Pirates of the Keys; or, Our Boys Afloat on the Spanish Main
24. Captain Kidd at Bay; or, Marooned on a Sand-Spit
25. The Silver Barque; or, Captain Kidd's Last Prize
26. Among the Buccaneers; or, Thad and His Chums in Desperate Straits
27. The Red Scourge; or, How Morgan, the Buccaneer Stormed the Citadel
28. The Chase of the Slaver; or, Thad among the Indigo Planters
29. Morgan's Coast Raiders; or, Thad at the Sacking of Maracaibo
30. The Buccaneer's Ghost; or, Thad's Adventures with the Pearl Divers
31. The Sea Cat; or, How Our Boys Held the Fort
32. The Phantom Galleon; or, Thad's Adventures along the Isthmus
33. A Blue Water Free-Lance; or, Thad Adrift in a Leaking Pinnace
34. A Corsair of the Caribees; or, The Unlucky Silver "Pieces of Eight".
35. On Pirate Island; or, The Battle of the Rival Sea-Wolves
36. In Tropic Seas; or, Thad's Strange Adventures at Hispaniola
37. The Spectre Brig; or, Our Boys Afloat on a Raft
38. The Young Marooners; or, What Thad Found on Treasure Island