The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Douglas, Alexander

Pseudonym For: Clyde, Kit; Doughty, Francis Worcester, -1917; Little, C.; Maynard, Robert, Capt.; Wood, N. S.

Pseudonym: Braddon, Paul

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Items with "Douglas, Alexander" as Credited Author

The Boys of New York

Captured at Last
David Gouldstone's heiress
How A Plan Was Cleverly Blocked
The Lone Hut
Pretty as a Picture
A Very Clever Capture

The Golden Weekly

A Burglar Drinks to the Health of His Victim
The Crescent Scar
The Crimson Hand
The Green Goods Man; or, Tracking a Desperate Counterfeiter
A House of Mystery
The Old Stone House on the Bluff; or, The Strange Story of Detective Dyke
The Rajah's Ruby: The Startling Story of a Young American Detective, in the Employ of the Scotland Yard Police. Told in Four Parts
Romanoff the Outlaw; or, A Yankee Boy in Russia
The Sealed Dispatch; or, The Blind Boy Spy of Moscow. A Startling Story of the Great Nihilist Movement in Russia

Work and Win

The Captain of the Guard; or, The Mysterious Horseman
His Own Boss; or, The Trials of a Boy Editor
Laughing Larry; or, Cheeking His Way to Chicago
The Luck of Janitor Joe; or, The Boy Who Was Born in Wall Street
On the Stage; or, From Super to Actor
The Rose of the West; or, Lance Thalberg's Mission
What Happened to Bill Budd: The Strangest Story Ever Told
Young Bob Sampson; or, Afloat with the Fighting Admiral