The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hall, Samuel Stone, 1838-1886

Pseudonym: Buckskin Sam

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Items with "Hall, Samuel Stone, 1838-1886" as Cited Author

The American Library (American Library Co.)

8. The Prince of the Platte; or, Buffalo Bill's Long Trail

Saturday Library

35. The Prince of the Platte; or, Buffalo Bill's Long Trail
133. The Prince of the Platte; or, Buffalo Bill's Long Trail
231. The Prince of the Platte; or, Buffalo Bill's Long Trail

Items with "Hall, Samuel Stone, 1838-1886" as Credited Author

The Banner Weekly

The Church "War"
Claude Duval of America
The Comanches; or, The Bedouins of the American Desert
Lasso-Bound or, A Narrow Escape From a Rope Coil
Little Jim
Military Murder in Mexico: The Decimation of the Texan Rangers
The Prairie Pirates of Santa Anna's Peak
True Humanity

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

Old Rocky's "boyees," or, Benito, the young horse-breaker
246. Giant George, the Ang'l of the range
275. Arizona Jack, or, Giant George's tender-foot pard
297. The tarantula of Taos, or, Giant George's revenge
307. The strange pard, or, Little Ben's death hunt
318. Ker-whoop, ker-whoo! or, The tarantula of Taos on the war-path
327. Creeping Cat, the caddo, or, The red and white pards
332. Frio Fred, or The Tonkaway's trust
344. The fighting trio, or, Rattlesnake, the Tonkaway
349. Wild wolf, the Waco, or, Big-foot Wallace to the front
357. The ranch raiders, or, The siege of Fort Purgatory
364. Snap-shot, the boy ranger, or, The snake and the dove
375. Chiota, the Creek, or, The three thunderbolts
381. Bandera Bill, or, Frio Frank to the front
404. Little Lariat, or, Pecan Pete's big rampage
414. The daisy from Denver, or, The renegade red
427. The three trailers, or, Old Rocky on the rampage
442. Bluff Bill, or, The lynx of the Leona
455. Little Lone Star, or, The belle of the Cibolo
634. Caché Carl, the Chico giant, or, The true hearts of Red-Eye Roost

Beadle's New York Dime Library

3. Kit Carson, Jr., the crack shot of the West
90. Wild Will, the mad ranchero, or, The terrible Texans
178. Dark Dashwood, the desperate, or, The child of the sun
186. The black bravo, or, The Tonkaway's triumph
191. The terrible Tonkaway, or, Old Rocky and his pards
195. The lone star gambler, or, The maid of the magnolias
199. Diamond Dick, the dandy from Denver
204. Big Foot Wallace, the king of the lariat, or, Wild Wolf, the waco
212. The Brazos tigers, or, The minute-men of Fort Belknap
217. The serpent of El Paso, or, Frontier Frank, the scout of the Rio Grande
221. Desperate Duke, the Guadaloupe "Galoot," or, The angel of the Alamo City
225. Rocky Mountain Al, or, Nugget Nell, the waif of the range
239. The terrible trio, or, The angel of the army
244. Merciless Mart, the man-tiger of Missouri, or, The waif of the flood
250. The rough riders, or, Sharp Eye, the Seminole scourge
256. Double Dan, the dastard, or, The pirates of the Pecos
264. The crooked three, or, The black hearts of the Guadalupe
269. The bayou bravo, or, The terrible trail
273. Mountain Mose, the gorge outlaw, or, Light Horse Leon's five fights for life
282. The merciless marauders, or Chaparral Carl's revenge
287. Dandy Dave, and his horse, White Stocking, or, Ducats or death
293. Stampede Steve, or, The doom of the double face
301. Bowlder Bill, or, The man from Taos
309. Raybold, the rattling ranger, or, Old Rocky's tough campaign
322. The Crimson Coyotes, or, Nita, the Nemesis
328. King Kent, or, The bandits of the bason
342. Blanco Bill, the mustang monarch
358. The prince of Pan-Out, or, The beautiful Navajo's mission
371. Gold buttons, or, The up-range pards
511. Paint Pete, the prairie patrol, or, The rival rancheros
1035. Kit Carson, Jr., the crack shot of the West
1070. The lone star gambler, or, The maid of the magnolias

Beadle's Pocket Library

189. Old Rocky's boys, or, Benito, the young mustang-breaker
217. Bald Head of the Rockies, or, The Ang'l of the range
248. Giant George's pard, or, Arizona Jack the tender-foot
267. Giant George's revenge, or, The boys of "Slip-Up Mine"
285. Old Rocky's pard, or, Little Ben's chase
297. Arizona Giant George, or, The boyees of Sardine-Box City
304. Bald Head's pards, or, Creeping Cat's cunning
311. Frio Fred in Texas, or, Old Rocky to the front
317. Buckskin Ben, of Texas, or, Single-Eye's plucky pards
355. Texas Frank's crony, or, The girl mustang rider

The Saturday Journal

The "Camargo Tap;" or, Rangers on the Rampage
"Mavericks," A Leaf from Texan History
"Old Rocky's" Opine of Buffalo Bill
Big Foot Wallace And His "Old Reliable"
Can It Be She's Left Us?
Claude Duval of America; or, The Prince of the Road-Agents
Cody's Charge, Or, Revenging Cache Creek
Crawling for a Comanche; or, Stopping a Stampede
Down De Brazos
Help The Erring Brother
Lasso-Bound; or, A Narrow Escape From a Rope Coil
The Perfidy of the Washita Reserve; or, Sam Houston's Expedition of 1859
The Prairie Pirates of Santa Anna's Peak
Texan Life Sketches: An Odd Mistake
Texan Life Sketches: Apache Station; or, The Old Sunset Route
Texan Life Sketches: Fighting Ben and the Long-Legged Loper of Llano
Texan Life Sketches: Our Ride for Life
Texan Life Sketches: Paint Creek; or, The Big Buffalo Trap of the Llanos
True Humanity
Viva Cortina! or, The Blinded Gunner of Carrizo

The Young New Yorker