The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Strayer, Edward

Pseudonym For: Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930

Sometimes abbreviated to "Ed Strayer."

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Items with "Strayer, Edward" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

The Powder Mill Detective; or, A Million Dollar Case for the Government

Old Cap. Collier Library

448. Dash Dare, the detective; or, solving the Monmouth track mystery
458. Dash Dare on his mettle; or, clearing up a double tragedy
473. Jack Sharpley, the Always-Ready detective; or, hunting down the red hand gang
560. Dash Dare on time; or, clearing up a deep railroad crime
604. Dash Dare's manhunt; or, The league of the magnet mine
627. Dash Dare on the Stage; or, The Murder in the Dressing Room
661. Old Spangle, the Circus detective; or, The robbery of the ticket Wagon
704. Battery Boice, the electric detective; or, rounding up the race track swindlers
724. Waldo, the Wizard detective; or, A strange murder on the lakes
737. Placer Dan, the Yukon detective; or, The missing nuggets of gold
757. Vasco, the Magician detective; or, The murder in the theatrical car