The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Collier, Old Cap.

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Items with "Collier, Old Cap." as Credited Author

Old Cap. Collier Library

22. The Mysterious detective; or, Piping a hidden crime
24. Young Ironclad, the keen detective; or, Tracing the castle garden mystery
72. Keen, the headquarters detective; or, Murdered without a mark
123. The New York detective; or, Ferreting out a wall street tragedy
331. La Mafia; or, The New Orleans Italian friend's Oath
337. The McCoy-Hatfield Feud; or, The Famous Kentucky Vendetta
340. The White cap fiends; or, The victim of one hundred lashes
344. The Oklahoma boomers; or, plotting the great land steal
348. The Oath bound brotherhood; or, The Miner detective's last chance
349. Who murdered Doctor Cronin? or, Shadowing the real criminals
352. Liverpool Jack; or, piping the greatest case in New York
355. Vidal, the silent detective; or, The secret of the Emerald casket
359. Lightning frank; or, piping the mystery of the red mantle
361. Dashing Hal, the terror of the crooks; or, unravelling the mystery of the old stone house
364. The union square mystery; or, tracked by a Wizard photograph
368. Who murdered her? or, Solving the Trenton murder
371. The three million bond forgery; or, tracking the bank wreckers
381. Garry, the Jersey Hawk-Shaw; or, The murdered peddler of the mill pond
387. Garry and the thugs of Gloucester; or, tracking the scared diamond of Kobala
393. The Elevated Railroad tragedy; or, Garry and the Insurance Syndicate
412. Dave Dotson in New York; or, tracing the crime of the brown house
421. Peter price, the magic change detective
434. Eileen, the Spy; or, Scotland yard's superb detective
439. The mystery of a back street; or, Dave Dotson and the mining swindlers
447. Badge, the Illusionist detective; or, Among the shady character of New York
453. The Sheepshead Bay mystery; or, Dave Dotson and the fakirs of Coney Island
466. The Adams Express robber's league; or, conspiring to steal a million dollars
486. Black Tom, the Negro detective; or, solving a Thompson Street mystery
490. Roehl and Pallister's escape from sing sing; or, hunting down two death convicts
498. Infanta Eulalia's Jewels; or, Old Cap Collier among the crooks at the World's fair
503. Old Dodger, the veteran detective; or, The phantom of Poverty Lane
508. Bert Pex, the young Vidoq; or, tracking the crime of the Old Rookery
514. The great Wynne Mystery; or, Captain Dash and the Third Avenue thugs
520. Thunderbolt Phil; or, tracking a million dollar defaulter
524. The Mystery of Cab 21; or, A Startling crime of the Tenderloin Precinct
532. Zaros, the Egyptian detective; or, tracking the thugs of New York's Arab Colony
540. Dave Dotson's long trail; or, solving the mystery of the initialed handkerchief
551. Dave Dotson on hand; or, The crime of Pin's head road
555. Baldo, the Ferret; or, Tracking the Band of Kidnappers
563. The Princess of Gotham; or, Ned Vole, the Specter detective
569. Dave Dotson and the counterfeiters; or, tracking a gang of swindlers
573. Thunderbolt Phil's master stroke; or, unearthing a terrible crime
577. Matropia, the thieves' Mogul; or, Jack Vint piping the criminals trust
585. The Cave Dwellers of New York; or, Dave Dotson trailing the Boulevard mystery
589. Alfrida, the man tracker; or, The sign of the five
598. Dick Spark's strange clew; or, The mystery of a Coney Island murder
602. The sixth avenue murder; or, How superintendent Byrnes captured Caesar, the Black Strangler
610. Thunderbolt Phil's brilliant exploit; or, Solving the mystery of a crime in high life
618. Dave Dotson and the tragedy of the woods; or, Solving the mysterious murder of a beautiful heiress
625. Brooklyn's greatest murder mystery; or, Dave Dotson in quest of a miser's assassin
630. The Ferret of wall street; or, Ned Baldo tracking the bank note Counterfeiters
638. Donald Dare, the dashing detective; or, In quest of a band of mid-night assassins
641. The Mysterious Fernandez affair; or, detective dark unearthing a hidden tragedy
645. As the clock struck twelve; or, The startling mystery of New York's Gay Bohemia
648. Cuba Libre; or, detective price tracking the Spanish spies
652. General Gomez's young aides; or, fighting for Cuba's freedom
660. Dick Darrell, the artist detective; or, The Strange mystery of the studio
669. Garry's remarkable search; or, The mystery of the whispering Villa
676. Young Dillon's strange clew; or, The mystery of the brass coil
679. The mystery of St. Paul's Churchyard; or, piping the grave vandals of New York
682. Old Tramp, the Hermit detective; or, tracking the opium smugglers of San Francisco
691. Old Doxey's master stroke; or, A mystery of the dark side of New York
694. Old Cap Cooper, the Florida Sleuth; or, The greatest detective in the Everglade State
702. The Black man from India; or, The curious search of a New York detective
710. The Barracks murder mystery; or, Peter price piping an artful assassin
715. Young Dike, the messenger Boy detective; or, On the trail of a band of wall street swindlers
718. The great Klondike Gold robbery; or, Dove Dotson tracking thieves from the Alaska Diggings
722. The Albany boy-kidnapping case; or, Joe Phoenix following the trail of a band of abductors
739. Chicago's greatest crime; or, The most mysterious case on record
743. The Brandywine Bridge mystery; or, Garry, the Jersey Hawkshaw, solving a Wilmington crime
754. Dave Dotson in Baltimore; or, tracking an unknown murderer in the Monumental City
758. Garry, the Hawkshaw, and the Spanish Spies; or, solving the mystery of the strange disappearance of secret state papers
762. File no. 1161; or, Adam Grice on the trail of a pair of poisoners